Men reveal the times they did not realize someone was hitting on them

Learn to read the signs! Men reveal the times they had NO clue a woman was flirting – from one who turned down a naked sleepover to another who sent his crush home with a sweater when she was ‘too cold’ to leave

  • American men have revealed the times didn’t realize crush was hitting on them
  • One admitted did not realize a girl wanted him to ask her to be her prom date 
  • Another said he gave his crush a sweater after she said was too cold to go home 

While some single men claim to be too scared to make the first move with someone the like for fear of overstepping the line, it seems that many need a serious lesson in reading the signs. 

In a hilarious viral Twitter thread started by New York-based comedian David Drake, men have shared the times they were utterly clueless that women were flirting with them – despite blatantly obvious come-ons.

He confessed that his own worst moment was not realizing a girl was into him when she hopped into bed with him at a sleepover and started tickling him.   

Another revealed that when his crush said she was ‘too cold’ to go home after a party and asked to stay the night, he gave her as sweater and sent her on her way. 

Another explained how a McDonald’s employee wrote her number on his receipt and that he threw it away because he thought she’d done it in case his food was bad. 

Meanwhile, one man told how he was completely oblivious to the fact his coworker hinted she wanted to go see a movie with him until she asked him out, and revealed the couple were now happily married.  

American men have revealed the times they didn’t realize someone was hitting on them in a hilarious Twitter thread (stock image)

Some revealed how they failed to see that women were hitting them, even when they left their phone number on their McDonald’s receipt of pointed out they didn’t have a date to go to prom 

Reliving his moment of complete obliviousness, David Drake wrote in the tweet that started the thread: ‘In high school I went to a sleepover and the girl I liked climbed into bed with me and she started tickling me, and I was like “Hahaha okay well time for bed” and I think about that twice every 5 minutes.’

Another added: ‘In high school my family was gone so I had the house to myself and threw a party. At the end of the night this girl I liked said “I’ll just spend the night here”.  

‘I said “You don’t want to go?” She was like “It’s cold”. So I got a sweater for her and sent her on her way.’

Another revealed he turned down the opportunity of a date because he was going out with his sister, but at least there was a happy ending.  

‘I was chatting with this woman I liked at work about going to see this limited release movie, and she was like “that sounds really cool. I’d like to see it” and I said “Yeah, I’m going with my sister. Well bye!” A week or so later, she asked me out. We’re married now,’ he explained. 

New York-based comedian David Drake started the thread by confessing he missed the signal when a girl hopped in bed with him at a sleepover in high school and tickled him 

‘When I was a teenager, a cute girl who worked at McDonald’s wrote her number on the back of my receipt and I thought “I bet they do this in case there’s something wrong with my order”. Then tossed it in the trash,’ another confessed. 

 Others admitted they also had missed signals from women they were interested in when they were younger. 

‘Back in high school, I was chatting with this one girl I liked in my youth group about how my prom date cancelled on me and she gave me a definite “look” and said “I’d like to go to prom, but I don’t have a date”, and I was like “Yeah, we’re in the same boat. This sucks”,’ one recalled. 

‘Moved into my college dorm the first semester of college, had a knock on my door the first night and a cute girl said she was looking for a “cuddle buddy” for the night to help her sleep. I told her that it didn’t sound safe and shut the door on her,’ another recounted. 

One men revealed he gave his crush a sweater when she said she was too cold to go home at night 

And several men said they didn’t get the hint, even when the women invited them over. 

‘In college after a waitering job, this cute waitress said to me “Let’s go to my place, no one is going to be home”. I said “How is there going to be no one at home if we are going there?”. She went home alone and I think about that every time I am at home now,’ one wrote. 

‘One time a girl invited me over to, and I quote: “help me hang up my lights because you’re so tall”. Afterwards she invited me to sleep over. we both had laid down in her bed she was like “I usually sleep naked” and I was like, “OK I’ll look away until you get back under the covers”,’ one recalled. 

Other men shared their own stories ,with one saying he eventually married the woman when she took it upon herself to ask him out 

However, the same man revealed the girl stopped dropping hints and just went for a kiss. 

‘One time I smoked for the first time with a girl i liked a lot and she said “I heard you’re supposed to kiss after you smoke for the first time”. I said “Haha, that’s not a real thing I don’t think”,’ another manr remembered. 

One man revealed how he used to think one of the women on his cross country team in school was ‘out of his league’.  

‘At our 20th reunion she strode, gave me a huge wet kiss, and asked, “WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME OUT?” I think about that every 5 milliseconds,’ he revealed.  

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