Mind-boggling brainteaser asks players to spot teddy bear in under 89 seconds

If you're a huge fan of brainteasers then we've got something for you.

The latest puzzle to totally baffle people's minds involves a teddy bear hiding in the baby scene.

Among the tiny clothes and accessories is a cute teddy bear waiting to be found.

The current time to beat is just 89 seconds, so do you think you can beat that?

UK life insurance comparison site Reassured are the masterminds behind this colourful picture challenge.

From baby grows to bottles and tiny baby bibs, how long will it take you do find the snuggly kids' toy in the image?

Go on and have a crack at it! Don't forget to let us know your time in the comments section below…

If you're struggling to find the answer, don't worry we've got your covered.

Below you'll find the same image with the teddy bear highlighted.

Are you looking for more baffling brainteasers to keep you going? We've got an optical illusion that makes you see fuzzy dots.

  • Mind-boggling optical illusion makes you see fuzzy dots when you move in closer

The tricky image has been shared on the Science Bob website.

It shows a square with black and white scribbles with a circle in the middle displaying the two shades.

But the shape in the middle looks a little fuzzier than the colours surrounding it.

On the website, it says the optical illusion uses visual vibrations to create a cool effect.

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And if you're looking for more, there's another one you can check out.

Previously an optical illusion left Reddit users confused as it "caused brain to shutdown".

It was shared by @user/yungsuffi who wrote: "An optical illusion on display outside Paris City Hall."

The display was created by artist Francois Abelanet and it'll could leave you scratching your head for a few hours or even days.

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