Model tells of rejection when fashion brand said she was 'too big'

Aristocratic 25-year-old daughter of Earl of Cawdor and ex-Vogue editor tells how she was left feeling ‘worthless’ when ‘huge’ fashion brand said she was ’too big’ to model for them

  • Lady Jean Campbell, 25, said she had a modelling job cancelled over her size 
  • The aristocrat was supported by other models and friends on her online post  
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A young aristocrat who has been called the ‘face’ of Burberry has shared that she was rejected by a major fashion brand – for being ‘too big’.  

Lady Jean Campbell, 25, who is one of the world’s most sought after models, having shared catwalks with Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith, said she felt ‘pretty worthless’ after a job was cancelled over her size. 

The daughter of the Earl of Cawdor and former British Vogue editor Lady Isabella Stanhope, shared a picture of herself in her underwear on social media alongside a message about the ‘huge brand’.

Fellow models and friends leapt to support the young aristocrat, reassuring her of her beauty and condemning the fashion industry for its callousness.  

‘Here’s a photo of me late at night in my underwear having been cancelled from a job by a huge brand for being “TOO BIG”,’ posted Lady Jean, whose first Burberry photos were taken by Princess Diana’s favourite photographer, Mario Testino.

Lady Jean Campbell, 25, shared an image of herself in her underwear in the post where she shared that she had a job cancelled by a ‘huge brand’ over her size 

The model said she initially felt ‘worthless’ after the rejection but she soon realised that ‘there is no greater beauty than love’ (featured in a Burberry campaign in 2016, shot by royal favourite, Mario Testino)

The staggering and perverse verdict was, she adds, ‘shocking to say the least’, and initially left her feeling ‘worthless’, the model said.

‘But looking back I feel compassion for how I felt as I believed as it was coming from people with such vision and influence. 

‘Today I know how unhealthy and dysfunctional that is.. Now I can say with confidence that there is no greater beauty than love. The sadness in my eyes is a result of how disempowered this made me feel and how reductive it is to measure “beauty” by size.’ 

Her candid observations have inspired waves of support on social media, from Naomi Campbell to King Charles’s goddaughters Princess Olympia of Greece and India Hicks. 

Treating Jean to rows of heart emojis, Naomi Campbell issues the simple instruction: ‘Tell it.’

The model, who is one of the most sought after in the world, has shared catwalks with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith 

The young aristocrat – who is the daughter of a former Vogue editor – has modelled for brands including Burberry and Boden (pictured) 

The model, who went through two major hip surgeries at the age of 19, was back on the catwalk just months later (pictured in 2016)

The sentiment was immediately endorsed by Georgia May Jagger. 

‘Thank you so much for speaking out on this,’ Sir Mick Jagger’s daughter says. 

‘You should never be made to feel like this.’

Daisy Lowe assures her fellow model of her ‘extraordinary beauty’ and adds with reference to the as yet unnamed brand: ‘That was their loss!’

Perhaps the most forthright support comes from model Poppy Delevingne, albeit in phrasing incompatible with a family newspaper.

Lady Jean required two major hip operations when she was only 19. They left her in a wheelchair – but she was back on the catwalk in months. 

Let’s hope the same fighting spirit persuades her to name and shame the brand which considers her ‘too big’.

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