MONSTA X get 'empowered' on Fantasia X as they drop new album

MONSTA X are back with a brand new album that’s all about empowerment.

Title track Fantasia, from new album Fantasia X, sees the K-pop group stick with their powerful EDM sound.

The music video stands out not only for its striking (and very gold) visuals but for the use of background actors – something that’s not been seen in an MX vid for a while.

We can easily imagine the atmosphere hearing the song live, and it has a similar vibe to their previous fast and furious tracks Rodeo, Follow and Fallin’.

Fantasia tells of overcoming ‘trial and error’ and moving forward even stronger than ever, something MONSTA X undoubtedly are after the year they’ve had.

Fantasia X is their first album as a six-member group following the departure of singer Wonho in 2019.

It was initially due to drop on 11 May, but was pushed back by two weeks to allow leader Shownu to recover from a back injury.

Members Joohoney and I.M had a hand in all of the tracks either in a producing or writing capacity.

It comes after MONSTA X’s first ever all English language album All About Luv and their Korean comeback Follow: Find You from last year.

Fantasia X is out now.

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