Monster Star: Lady Gagas Highest Selling Albums

Lady Gaga has been one of the boldest and most vibrant figures in the mainstream music industry, and it comes as no surprise that she has some of the best-selling albums in the history of music.

Lady Gaga has not only been an icon of music, but also has shown her prowess on the screen. She was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York on 28th March 1986. Lady Gaga’s training in music began at the tender age of 4 when she started learning to play the piano. By the age of 13, she had already composed her first piano ballad, and the following year, she got to perform it.

Her music career finally got launched in 2007 when Sony/ATV Music Publishing signed her to work as a songwriter. Around this time, she got noticed by the famous rapper Akon, and she got her big break in the industry with the release of her first album called Fame. Although the sales of the albums that came next were not as high as that of the previous album, the recent release of Chromatica on Amazon Music has caused hope of redemption to Gaga.

Here are the high-selling albums of Lady Gaga.

Cheek To Cheek

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Cheek To Cheek was a collaborative work that came out in September 2014 and became one of the significant hits of Lady Gaga. She worked with the famous singer Tony Bennett on this album. It was the fourth studio album released by Gaga, and by then, she was already a brand in herself. Among the famous songs from the album are Cheek To Cheek and Anything Goes.

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The production of this fantastic album was also a collaborative endeavor of Streamline, Interscope, and Columbia records. The unique element of the album was the incorporation of jazz and blues style, and it made over $773,000.


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ARTPOP was the third studio album by the singer released in 2013 and is particularly famous for being experimental. Gaga was trying out her skills in the genre of synth-pop and EDM.

Streamline, and Interscope Records released these albums, and it was a project which Lady Gaga had been working on for a while. She began in 2011 right after making Born To Die, and in two years, she was put to the public with this masterpiece that had songs like Aura and Jewel N’ Drugs. No wonder it made about $781,000 just in national sales.

A Star Is Born

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A Star is Born is one of the most well-known works by Lady Gaga. One of the main reasons for this level of fame is because she worked with the famous Bradley Cooper to make this masterpiece.

A Star is Born, better known as a Hollywood musical, is composed of these two talents. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper also starred in this musical which made it even more spectacular. This album single-handedly made a mind-blowing $1.15 million in the US and topped other countries’ charts. It had remarkable singles such as Somewhere over The Rainbow, Black Eyes, Shallow, and Intro.

The Fame Monster

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The Fame Monster is considered to be one of those works by the famous singer that launched her into success. The Fame Monster is a reissue of her debut album, Fame, which became the best-selling album of her entire career.

It was, however, a deluxe version of the previous album and had about eight new songs incorporated into it. Singles like Just Dance, Paparazzi, and Love Game remain classics from this studio album released through Interscope Records. The album made it to Billboard 200’s dance or electronic albums chart, sold millions of copies, and made about $1.65 million.

Born This Way

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Born This Way is second on the list of the highest-selling albums by Lady Gaga. It was also the second full-length album by the singer that became an instant hit upon its releases and topped every chart. Released in May 2011 by Interscope Records, this album was an amalgamation of several music genres, including techno, disco, house, and electronic rock and synth-pop and dance-pop.

The bringing together of these different styles masterfully is also what made this album stand out amongst others. Gaga also collaborated with geniuses like RedOne and Fernando Garibay to bring out her best through this work. In fact, the subjects tackled by this album were unapologetically bold and expressive; it spoke about religion, sexuality, feminism, and freedom. The most remarkable singles include Judas, Born This Way, The Edge of Glory, and Marry The Night. It sold innumerable copies, making a grand income of about $2.42 million, as stated by Chart Data.

The Fame

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The Fame was the first studio album by lady gaga and which also became her highest-grossing work to date. The Fame is the body of work that took the world by storm by releasing some of the best works of Lady Gaga. It was like an official introduction of the new singer to the industry.

Gaga’s debut album had masterpieces like Poker Face and Just Dance, which got released for a second time through her reissue called The Fame Monsters. The main genres of music explored in his work are electropop, dance-pop, and synth-pop, which soon enough became the signature styles of Lady Gaga until she made a Twitter announcement years later of branching out to something new other than pop. The Fame talked about sexuality, love, and drugs; it became a hit immediately on its release. It topped several charts in different nations and made an astounding $4.5 million just through sales in America.

Lady Gaga has also had a budding career in the movies, but the primary source of her million-dollar fortune has been her extraordinary music career. Lady Gaga has sold at least 10.3 million album copies just in the US. At 35, the singer boasts a jaw-dropping net worth of approximately $320 million.

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