Mrs Hinch’s favourite £1 cleaning product restores woman’s tarnished jewellery

A woman was left amazed when she finally got her bracelets looking brand new – after every other product failed on her.

The anonymous Facebook user said a damp issue in her flat caused her Pandora jewellery to discolour and tried countless products to clean them.

But after coming across a cleaning hack from Mrs Hinch which gets jewellery sparkling – so she had to give it a try.

She was totally blown away by the results after her bracelets ended up looking as good as new after the trick.

Writing on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook, the woman was praised for her simple cleaning hack.

The post read: “So after looking for so long to get a decent jewellery cleaner for my Pandoras I never thoughts of The Pink Stuff and I use it everywhere.

“Saw an article about Mrs Hinch using it on some candle holders and omg it actually works. I just used The Pink Stuff in the pot, a microfibre cloth (not sure if it makes any difference and water to rinse.

“So happy right now I can finally wear it again. I had a damp issue in my flat. It ruined all of my jewellery. I’m just trying to help people. I had them in the original boxes and tried everything else to clean them but nothing else worked.”

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Since she shared the post, thousands of members of the Facebook group liked the post, with many saying they’ll go and buy the paste.

One said: “Wow I will definitely try this.”

Another commented: “This could have saved me a fortune.”

Mrs Hinch previously shared a trick to get jewellery sparkling and it only costs £2 to do.

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