M&S launches half-size superhero Colin the Caterpillar for Father's Day

Colin the Caterpillar has had quite the year at the centre of a very public spat between M&S and Aldi.

And what better way to get over it than with a new look.

For Father’s Day, the famous cake is donning a dark chocolate mask and an edible cape to become ‘My Hero Colin’.

To add to the superhero theme, the box features a mask for your dad to cut out and wear.

Of course, it’s being launched for the occasion on June 20, but you can give it to whoever you want to celebrate this month.

As well as getting a few extra accessories, Colin has been shrunk to half his usual size to make it a gift for a few to enjoy, rather than something to share at a party like the usual birthday Colin.

Although he’s half the size (350g, compared to the usual 625g cake), he’s not quite half the price.

The standard Colin costs £7 but this limited edition version costs £5.

M&S said: ‘Our developers have spent a year perfecting his new hero look, following the epic success of Colin’s limited-edition versions, helping customers to celebrate every special occasion with their favourite caterpillar.

‘Since 1990 Colin has been introduced as many fantastical versions – he’s had a spooky Halloween makeover, he’s been transformed into the Easter bunny, he’s gone festive at Christmas and he even got cosy with Connie at Valentine’s Day in their Love Cocoon.

‘Set to become another customer favourite, everyone will want a piece of this newest limited-edition Colin! Not just for Dads…  Colin is the perfect gift for any hero in your life.’

People on social media were excited to get their lands on the latest Colin cake.

One said: ‘Who needs to figure out father’s day presents when you can just buy a tiny Colin.’

Another added: ‘Such a very cute idea . And edible.’

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