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FIRST came the croughnut, then the cruffin and now Marks & Spencer has launched the cretzel – a delicious croissant and pretzel fusion.

To the delight of pastry fans, the new flaky treats are now available at the chain's in-store bakeries across the county.

The cretzel does what it says on the tin: combines the flaky, buttery pastry of a croissant with the chewy bite of a pretzel.

Priced at £1 each, the 85g cretzels are available from the chain's 590 in-store bakeries and are pre-bagged.

The bakes are finished with a sprinkling of sea salt and the traditional lye coating found on pretzels.

You can eat them as they come, or fill with anything you fancy from plain butter to savoury fillings such as ham and cheese.

Kirsty Rowley, bakery product developer for M&S, said: "Inspired by our customers love of the sweet and salty flavour combination (we see in the popularity of our sweet and salty popcorn) we bring them the Cretzel!

"The Cretzel combines those contrasting flavours and is really versatile, great on its own, with a coffee at breakfast or delicious with a filling for lunch."

We have asked the store for calorie details and will update this article when we have them.

It's not the first time M&S has impressed us with a pastry mash up.

There's been the cruffin, the tasty muffin croissant blend in 2017.

Then the chouxnut combining an eclair and a doughnut in 2018.

While just a few weeks it also launched the yumnut, a cross between a yumyum and a doughnut.

At the moment M&S foodhalls have remained open for customers to buy essential items such as food and toiletries.

They are included on the list of businesses that are allowed to stay open during the coronavirus lockdown.

While the cretzel does sound delicious, only those already visiting a shop to get essential items should be buying one – and they aren't available to buy online.

The company says they are re-stocking shelves throughout the day so people can stagger their shopping trips.

All M&S outlet stores selling clothing and homeware only are now closed.

M&S has more than 1,000 stores in the UK, to find you nearest check its store finder.

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