Mum living in ‘deathtrap’ tower block dubs it ‘worst council flat in Birmingham’

A young mum has labelled her tower block home a "deathtrap" and the "worst council flat in Birmingham".

Leah Hayes, 19, lives on the 10th floor of Coney Green House, Northfield and claims she has been plagued with problems since last June when the ceiling collapsed in her son McCauley's room.

Tiles have fallen off the walls in her bathroom as her 13 month son was bathing and a window on its hinges has been described as a "deathtrap", Birmingham Live reports.

Leah said: "Enough is enough now. No-one should have to live like this. The place is a hell hole, a bomb site and has to be the worst council flat in Birmingham.

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"I have lived here a year now and the problems first started when the ceiling collapsed in my son's bedroom back in June. This was followed by a ceiling collapse in the hall and in the living room.

"We are living with devastation all around us – like a bomb site. I was giving my son a bath and the tiles started coming off the walls while he was in it. They were sharp and could have badly cut him. I had to pull them off because i had fears for his safety.

"There is also a window which is faulty. It is just a deathtrap and is simply not acceptable having a 13 month old son."

The teenager claims her ceiling has collapsed at least three times – in McCauley's room, the hall and living room.

She believes the issue stems from a leaking roof, although her pleas for help to Birmingham City Council were ignored for months.

Leah insists the tower block is not fit to live in.

"The tower block needs to be demolished," she said.

"It is just not safe to live here and I feel intimidated leaving my flat as you have groups of teenagers smoking cannabis. The whole place stinks of it.

"I said something to them the one time about them smoking cannabis and they just blew the smoke in my face and laughed.

"I have asked the council to re-home us but nothing has been done. I am not sure how long I can live here now."

Birmingham City Council has now taken action, agreeing to temporarily move Leah to alternative accommodation while the work is carried out.

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: “Ms Hayes was visited yesterday afternoon (February 25) and she has agreed to temporarily move to alternative accommodation while repairs are carried out. Arrangements have been made for Ms Hayes to move today.

“Following this, a joint visit will take place between ourselves and our contractors. A schedule of works will then be agreed and repairs carried out before Ms Hayes returns to her home – and we will ensure she is kept informed of progress throughout the repairs process.”

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