Mum shares simple trick for ripening a hard avocado in just 10 minutes

It’s a terrible fate that has befallen us all: you get ready to make yourself a delicious breakfast, only to find your avocado is rock-solid.

Do you give up, and simply have eggs on toast? Do you persist with a disappointing avocado experience?

No, because now, there’s a simple hack you’ll remember the next time you’re in this predicament, that will save your breakfast – or your tacos, if you’re after guacamole – in 10 minutes.

Said trick has been revealed by a mum in Australia.

The woman explained that when she couldn’t find a ripe avocado for her guacamole, she simply wrapped an avocado in foil and popped it in her air fryer for ten minutes.

When she removed the fruit, the flesh was soft and easy to mash.

‘It does change the taste and texture a bit and I would recommend that you let it cool in the fridge, but it works,’ she said.

The hack has been a major hit online, with many commenting to say they’ve bookmarked it for their next avo emergency.

Some noted that you can use the same technique with a banana.

If you don’t have an air fryer, don’t fear, as you can use a similar technique with an oven or microwave.

If you’re using a microwave, just pop the avocado straight in there (with no foil!) for ten or so seconds.

For an oven, wrap your avocado in foil and place it inside at 100°C for ten minutes. If it’s still hard, keep returning it to the oven in ten minute intervals, but be warned that really hard avocados can take up to an hour to soften using this method.

Once your avocado is nice and warm, pop it in the fridge to cool, then mash and enjoy.

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