Mum shocked when toddler figures out secret remote-finding Sky box trick

Picture the scene: you’re wrapped up cosy on the sofa with your nearest and dearest, about to watch something on the telly.

Then the relaxation comes to an abrupt halt when you realise no one can find the remote.

You proceed to tear your living room apart in an effort to find it – all previous efforts at relaxation now utterly shot.

Well, as one TikTokker was shocked to discover, Sky customers needn’t endure that struggle again.

Her mind was blown when her two-year-old son showed her that pressing the Q button on a Sky Q box would make the remote beep loudly, thus making it way easier to find.

Sophie Laird, who posts on TikTok as ‘The Folding Lady’, shared a clip entitled ‘Did you know this or is it just me??’ demonstrating just how it’s done.

The video shows her pressing and holding the button until the remote starts to beep.

Then, to stop it beeping, all she has to do is press a button on the remote.

Sophie wrote at the top of the short clip: ‘My 2-year-old taught me this’, along with the mind blown emoji.

The Sky website backs up this hack, explaining that a paired Sky Q touch or Sky Q remote with Voice Control will beep for half a minute if you press and hold the Q button for a few seconds.

Evidently Sophie isn’t the only one impressed by this little-known function, as her TikTok currently has over 178,000 likes.

One commenter wrote: ‘Best thing ever especially when I lose it so easily’.

Others said their young kids were also the ones to show them this trick, with one person writing: ‘My two-year-old taught me the same thing.’

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