‘My boyfriend won’t move in with me and only comes around at night for sex’

My boyfriend has set me up in a love nest.

I thought he was moving in here too, but he keeps stalling.

He says things are “complicated” at home.

He left his wife in 2018 and is now staying with his parents.

He says they’re old-fashioned and he has to pick the right moment to tell them he’s going to be living with me “in sin”.

At the moment he pops round at all hours of the day and night for sex – and then leaves again. I feel unsettled and dirty. What’s going on?

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JANE SAYS: Are you absolutely sure your boyfriend did leave his wife? I suspect she’s still on the scene and that he’s using his parents as a smokescreen.

Tell him that you have to know where you stand because you refuse to be used.

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Would he like you to turn detective and find out the truth for yourself or is he prepared to finally treat you like an intelligent adult?

If you endure this situation for much longer, then you’re going to end up feeling very lonely and isolated.

Why isn’t he prepared to introduce you to his parents as his new wife? Is that a problem too?

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