‘My cheating man fed me outrageous lies in the hope that I would leave him’

I just couldn’t believe it when my boyfriend told me was seriously ill.

He sat me down, with tears in his eyes, and explained he’d been told to prepare for the worst.

Naturally, I offered to support and nurse him. I promised to accompany him on hospital visits and make him as comfortable as possible.

He sobbed that he wasn’t prepared to put me through it and suggested I move out and get on with my own life. I refused and he seemed a bit miffed.

A few days later he announced his parents were divorcing. His dad had been caught having sex with other men and his mum needed a new home. Again, I couldn’t believe it.

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His parents are committed religious people and I couldn’t imagine his 85-year-old father playing the field.

I added that, of course, his mum should come to us and that I’d make her welcome. I knocked back his suggestion that I should move back with my own parents and said that I’d cope.

He then said I was selfish for not allowing a mother and son to be together at a difficult time. Weird. Three days later I came home from work and found my stuff bagged up in the hallway.

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The locks to his flat had been changed and I was confused. Then a woman came along who introduced herself as his new girlfriend. I went crazy.

In short, my boyfriend told me a string of outrageous lies to get me out of his flat and his life. He isn’t ill. His father isn’t cheating and his mother isn’t homeless.

Now he refuses to speak to me. I’ve had a few texts telling me to leave him alone. But how can I ever trust anyone else again?

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You’ve had a lucky escape. You’re finally away from an individual who has no moral compass.

He’ll use any means to get his own way and thinks nothing of insulting his own parents in the process.

He clearly doesn’t have a decent bone in his body.

Anyone who would pretend to have a serious illness must have a pretty dark mind and a strong sense of entitlement.

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Wish his new girlfriend luck, because it sounds as if she’ll need it. You’re devastated and confused now, but you’ll get over it.

Cry, moan, get him out of your system and then rise again. Tell your family and friends everything so they understand what you’re
going through – and what a total toad he is – and then forget him.

You existed and thrived before he came into your life and you’ll go on to achieve even greater things now.

Put the whole, sorry episode down to experience and move on.

This time next year, when you’re calm and happy and living life on your terms you’ll look back and ask: “What was all that about?”

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