My mum-in-law hates my daughters name so much she blocked my number

Choosing a baby name is a difficult enough task for some parents, but the process becomes incrementally more complicated when other family members start getting involved. One mother took to Reddit to discuss her plight after her choice of baby name led to the complete devastation of her mother-in-law.

Taking to the popular forum site, the 28-year-old mother expressed her growing frustration at her husband’s mother’s silent treatment since the birth of their child.

She wrote: “I just had my first child – but something is really draining the joy away from this special bonding time with my child.

“My mother-in-law is upset with my husband and I over the middle name we have chosen for our daughter. She is offended, hurt and can’t let it go.”

When the pair had previously discussed their name choice with the senior family member, she instantly expressed her disapproval, but they hoped she would ‘get over it’.

“When we announced that we were calling our baby girl Fiona Anne, she got immediately upset,” wrote the mother.

“Anne was the name of someone in her past who she was deeply hurt and betrayed by – and I guess she still holds onto that grudge.

“She said she would be just as hurt if we went along with our plan to include Anne in our daughter’s name.

“At the time, I was very pregnant and sassy – I pretty much told her she’d have to get over it, and be excited for new context to be added to the name.

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Since the birth of her newborn, however, she’s been unable to share pictures to the baby’s grandma through her phone, leading her to believe she’s been blocked.

“She has been talking to people close to us about how hurt she is. She will not directly address this with us, but we have heard from my brother and sister-in-laws that my mother-in-law is beside herself over this,” she wrote.

Other family members were able to shed light on the problem after asking the mother-in-law to justify her disapproval of the baby’s name.

“Evil Anne’ was in fact my mother-in-law’s own evil mother-in-law, my husband’s grandmother on his fathers side,” explained the 28-year-old. “They had a huge falling out following a messy divorce 25 years ago.

She went on: “However, my husband has no contact with that side of the family and no memories of ‘evil Anne’ due to estrangement and the fact that they live an ocean away.

“To him, Anne didn’t strike a bad chord. He barely knew about this deep resentment for his grandmother until we brought up the name.”

Flocking to the comment section, users expressed sympathy toward the first-time mother and slammed the mother-in-law for her apparent ‘jealousy’.

One user wrote: “It’s a middle name, for heaven’s sake. Your mother-in-law has the association, not you or your husband.

“If she’s willing to throw away a relationship with her grandchild and her son because of a name association, she’s got some serious disordered thinking.”

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