My parents hid who was oldest twin for 21 years – and weve finally found out

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    Sibling rivalry usually involves squabbles about who is the oldest.

    Even twins or triplets count the seconds, minutes or hours between their birth to get the upper hand.

    But for Erin and her twin brother, that was an impossible argument to have.

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    That's because their parents refused to tell them who was the oldest out of the pair.

    Well, that was until their 21st birthday.

    Erin took to TikTok to share her parents threw a gender reveal type party to finally let them know who was the oldest twin.

    Their mum and dad were the only people that knew – not even close family were in the know.

    In the clip which racked up over 2.3million views in under 24 hours, Erin explained: "My mum and dad decided to keep a secret from my twin brother and I about who was the oldest between us.

    "We were only allowed to find out when we turned 21!"

    The blonde posed in a pink dress in front of a decorative wall with her twin brother before the big reveal took place.

    As family and friends eagerly watched on, Erin and her brother twisted the confetti cannon to let out an explosion of the pink paper.

    Erin jumped up and down with joy as the pink confetti meant that she was the oldest twin.

    "I bet no other parents did this to their twins," Erin wrote in the caption.

    "Super special."

    Amazed at the reveal, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the big moment.

    One person commented: "We don’t plan to tell our twins either lol they were seconds apart anyways."

    Another woman related: "I’ve been waiting 15 years for this."

    While a third gasped: "Wow 21yrs!! Lol 40mins older than my twin brother here. I need that win."

    Someone else chuckled: "And now you get to start well I'm older fights."

    Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "As a twin mum this is so special!!

    "Congrats to you both!!"

    And this user admitted: "I’m 2 minutes older and I always tell him so he doesn’t forget."


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