Only people with sharp eyes can find penguin toy in messy room brainteaser

Want to banish some boredom? You can try this puzzle that will put your eyesight and brains to the test.

The tricky challenge, created by Outdoor Toys, asks you to spot the plushie penguin hidden on a messy floor.

You need to filter out all the other toys that are scattered across the bedroom – from boats, to a giraffe and cars.

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To make things extra tricky, there are also baskets, rugs and balls featured in the image.

So how long will it take you to complete the brainteaser?

If you spot the penguin in less than 30 seconds, it's likely your eyesight is tip top.

For those who are struggling, we've got some handy advice for you.

Try scanning your eyes from one side of the image to the other, taking a bit of time to look at each toy and eliminate it.

Still can't find the penguin?

We'd recommend looking in the bottom left hand side of the image, where you should be able to see it tucked behind a pile of toys.

Scroll down to see if you got the puzzle correct.

And if you found that one easy, try to spot the odd number among 278s in fiendish optical illusion.

Or take a look at this bird optical illusion that has left people scratching their heads.


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