'Overwatch' Cross-Play Is Coming

Blizzard Entertainment has just announced that it is putting forth the effort to make cross-play a reality for Overwatch.

With a beta cross-play testing coming in a matter of weeks, Overwatch Game Director Aaron Keller released a video outlining how the new function will work. Separate from competitive play, the players will need to register on Battle.net and enable the function. You will no longer need to switch regions (except for China) and can play multiplayer with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, and PC users — giving rise to much shorter queue times.

Non-competitive play will see match-ups based on parties with console/PC, if there are only consoles present in a party, they will be matched against a party that only has consoles. For competitive play, PC players cannot disable crossplay and will only be matched with PC pools. Also, those that have disabled cross-play will be put into a pool with others who have also disabled the function.

Look for Overwatch cross-play to roll out in the coming months.

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