Passenger slams ‘joke’ plane meal they were served while everyone else has hot dinner | The Sun

A VEGAN passenger was left to go hungry after she was given fruit and nuts as a hot meal during her flight.

Juanita Headley was en route from Accra in Ghana to London Heathrow with Dutch airline KLM and was expecting a suitable option on the plan's meal service.

She was expecting to be served a hot meal on board, which was included in the price of the ticket.

However, when it came time for the meal service, she said she was given pineapple pieces, a tangerine and a handful of nuts.

A few hours later, she claimed crew gave her a cold vegan wrap, a banana and an additional bowl of nuts.

She has slammed KLM as "a joke" for the lacklustre meal, which was served during a six hour long flight.

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Juanita said: "I'm sorry, it doesn't feed a hungry passenger on an international flight.

"Thank God I don't have a nut allergy or I would have been on fruit rations.

"In this day and age where veganism isn’t a new phenomenon, it is unacceptable that a six-hour flight doesn't carry a few extra meals for situations like this.

"Or at a minimum, make sure the vegetarian meal is also vegan.

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"That would make life very simple for crew and passengers."

She uploaded snaps of the food online – leaving fellow vegans fuming.

One said: "In 2023 that's simply outrageous."

Another wrote: "Sorry you've had this experience, I've had similar but in 2014 and ever since I've always carried food just in case."

A third added: "Looks like an afterthought. I’m sorry."

Another vegan said: "How difficult is it to have an alpro yoghurt, tomato, broccoli and vegan cheese pasta? Basic stuff.

“And KLM Airlines aren’t the cheapest to fly with so this is outrageous.”

However, some people were a lot less sympathetic.

One person said: "Why do people never bring their own food? It's baffling."

Another added: "I reckon you'll survive six hours."

Sun Online Travel has contacted KLM for comment.

However, flight attendants have previously told passengers to make sure that they will be catered for on their flights.

The resident flight attendant at Sun Online Travel explained why passengers asking for special meals during flights was one of their most hated requests.

They wrote: "We don't have a lot on board and if you're a fussy eater, it's up to you to order your meal in advance, or bring something else with you.

"We aren't trained chefs and even if we were, we couldn't make you a new meal, contrary to several frequent requests from passengers who clearly just haven't thought about what it is they're asking.

"In fact, I'd say "can you make me something else" is one of the questions I face most regularly and it's becoming more and more difficult to hide my disdain for those who ask.

"There's no kitchen on board, nor are there ingredients. Just a finite number of pre-selected meals.

"Therefore, the answer is no. Always no. If you're lucky, we'll have an extra packet of crisps for you, but even then, I wouldn't hold your breath."

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