Pet lovers shame their pets for misbehaving in hilarious gallery

Butter wouldn’t melt! Pet owners share the naughty antics of their VERY cute pets in hilarious social media snaps

  • People from US have created a Facebook group to publicly shame their pets
  • From food theft to destroying furniture, these is no limit to what pets have done 
  • One dog was caught red-handed stealing food off the kitchen counter by owner 

Pets are adorable companions who brighten up our days. 

But as these dog and cats lovers have found, they can also unleash mayhem around the house, from destroying furniture to stealing food. 

People from all over the world and have joined the Pet Shaming Facebook group an to share snaps of their pets’ naughtiest antics. Some of the best examples were collated in a Bored Panda gallery. 

In one snap, a small dog was caught red-handed stealing chicken breasts off the kitchen counter. In another, a cat was photographed with a sign revealing how he had vomited on his owner’s head the night before. 

Scroll down for more hilarious examples of pets that were caught misbehaving…

People from the US and Australia have shamed their pets online for misbehaving. This Dachshund from Australia did not seem to mind the fact he had swallowed some glitter

Whoops! A woman from the US revealed how her dog tear her box of tampons apart when she was not looking

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A Golden Retriver from Montana was caught eating a whole stick of butter in the kitchen, but did not seem to care 

In Oklahoma City, this cat woke up his owner with a very nasty surprise, while her partner slept through it  

This cheeky Dalmatian from the US was not one bit sorry it took a bite off its owner’s 20 dollar bill

Writing’s on the sign! This little pup from Santa Clara in California still needs to get his biting under control

A woman from Egypt revealed how her dig scared her partner by farting while he watched a horror film 

One pet lover showed how her bulldog ate his certificate of training moment before it was awarded to him 

One woman from California took this picture of her dog, revealing he ‘stole’ cat poo and bones around the house 

One woman found her dogs had wreaked havoc in the living-room by eating several of her DVD boxes 

This naughty boy from Michigan was so excited for Halloween, he was caught eating a pumpkin by his owner 

This dog is adequately named Chaos, and was caught by his owner after tearing a hole in her living-room door 

A hamster lover from Canada revealed how her family’s pet was mistaken from a male and procreated with their female 

In the UK, a dog was caught red-handed as it attempted to steal chicken off the kitchen’s counter 

In Montana, this big boy did not seem too pleased to be shamed online for stealing his owner’s gum 

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