Pet owner reveals horror over 'Britain's most destructive dog'

Furry naughty! Owner of ‘Britain’s most destructive dog’ reveals horror as pup spills blue paint all over her white walls and cream carpet after being left alone for ‘two minutes’

  • Lorna Lowery, 29, from Cornwall, left her pup inside house alone for two minutes
  • Said she returned to find blue paint across floor, furniture and even the walls  
  • Labrador Max knocked over a two litre tin of paint before covering house 
  • Feared it would ‘cost her a fortune’ and burst into tears when she saw damage  

A mother who claims she has ‘Britain’s most destructive dog’ has revealed how he ‘redecorated’ her house by throwing dark blue paint over walls, floor and furniture. 

Lorna Lowery, 29, from Cornwall, said her one-year-old puppy Max has earned a reputation within her home after chewing up a Google Nest intelligent speaker, X-box controllers, TV remotes, shoes, pillows, and can even smashing picture frames.

She was left horrified last month after the naughty pup knocked a two-litre tin of navy paint off the kitchen counter before coating the kitchen, floors, plush cream rug and grey sofa in emulsion.

Lorna feared it would ‘cost her a fortune’ to clean, explaining: ‘I was so overwhelmed when I saw it all, I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t think it was going to come up.’

Lorna Lowery, 29, from Cornwall, who claims she has ‘Britain’s most destructive dog’ has revealed how he ‘redecorated’ her house by throwing dark blue paint over walls, floor and furniture (pictured, one-year-old Max)

The one-year-old pooch has already gained a reputation within Lorna’s home for destroying pillows (left) and biting his way through remote controls (right)

The mother-of-three was left horrified when the dog threw navy paint across her floor, furniture and walls after being left inside for two minutes

Lorna, who is mother to Mia, eight, Lexi, five and three-year-old Jade, said Max usually saves his destructive moods to his bed or shoes.

She explained: ‘Since we’ve had him he’s chewed his bed twice, the kids’ toys, lots of shoes and TV remotes – anything he can get his teeth into.’

The social work student, who is married to 39-year-old plumber Richard Lowery, said: ‘We’ve been in our house five years and our bedroom is the only one that’s not been decorated yet as we’ve been busy – I’m a student and my husband works.

‘We bought just the one tin of dark navy emulsion for a feature wall in our bedroom, it’s been on the counter for about six months.

Lorna was left in floods of tears after finding the dog’s destruction inside her home and said she feared it would ‘cost her a fortune’ to clean

After the pup knocked a tin from the a counter top in Lorna’s home, he traipsed the paint through the ground floor of her house (pictured)

‘I thought the counter top, which is over 3ft tall, was a safe place to put it.’

The mother-of-three then popped into the garden to tidy away her children’s toys and left black Labrador Max inside alone for ‘two minutes’.  

She explained: ‘I thought he’d be alright for two minutes while I popped out into the garden to tidy up the kids’ toys.

‘I needed to come back in to grab a bin bag and I was met with destruction. I didn’t hear anything while I was in the garden, he was like a silent ninja.’

The 29-year-old was left in floods of tears over the destruction and immediately spent the next three hours cleaning it up 

When the 29-year-old mum-of-three returned she was stunned to see Max lying on the sofa surrounded by puddles of paint on the upholstery and inky-looking paw prints traipsed through the house. 

Lorna believes the one-year-old rescue pooch ‘counter surfed’ along the breakfast bar, knocked the two-litre tin off the counter and then played with it – smearing its contents across the floor. 

She said: ‘He’s counter surfed, knocked it off and opened up the lid. Then he thought it would be great fun to play with and decided to decorate the house for me.’

‘He started in the kitchen and doused the fridge-freezer with it, the floor, skidded about in it – I could see paw prints tracking through to the living room – then go towards my patio doors, on the rug and the corner sofa.’ 

The pooch began in the kitchen and doused Lorna’s appliances with the paint (left) before traipsing it into the living room (right)

The mother-of-three was in ‘complete and utter shock’ after finding the ground floor of her home had been decorated with the navy blue paint 

Lorna said her one-year-old dog looked ‘really guilty’ before walking outside while she attempted to clean up his mess 

Lorna explained: ‘When I walked in I just didn’t know what to do, I was in complete and utter shock.’

Seeing the stunned look on Lorna’s face, the guilty-looking Picasso pooch jumped off the couch, slunk past her and sat outside staring into the garden, refusing to meet her gaze.

She added: ‘Max was on the sofa, when he saw how shocked I was he just looked at me and ran straight outside.

‘He knew he’d done wrong, he looked really guilty, and wouldn’t look at me for the rest of the day.’ 

Lorna revealed the dog ‘knew he’d something wrong’ and ‘refused to meet her eye’ for the rest of the day 

Footage shows a stunned Lorna documenting the carnage, before the camera settles on a very guilty-looking Max gazing out into the garden, unwilling to look her in the eye.

Overwhelmed at the sight of her kitchen and living room, Lorna burst into tears and rang her mum who rushed over with a super-strength cleaning fluid.

She explained: ‘I really did think it was going to cost an absolute fortune to sort out.

‘I cried for about half an hour, rang my mum who is in my bubble and she said she would come over.

Lorna was forced to phone her mother to help her clean the sofa and carpet which were completely destroyed by the naughty pup (pictured) 

Lorna and her mother spent three and a half hours scrubbing paint from her lounge and felt it was a miracle they managed to clean it all up 

‘We scooped loads of the big puddle of paint up into the tin and then threw that away and then and then we just poured the cleaner over the top and that wiped away. 

‘Thankfully my dad used to have a cleaning business and he had this industrial multi-purpose cleaner that got it up lovely.’ 

The pair scooped up the excess paint and then sprayed and vigorously scrubbed at the mess for three-and-a-half hours before miraculously clearing it all up.

She said: ‘I used my spray mop and we finally added some to warm water to wipe down the sofa with a hard brush and then I pressure-washed my rug.’ 

Since Max’s artistic turn last month, Lorna has booked in the adorable dog for puppy training classes

Since Max’s artistic turn last month, Lorna has booked him in for dog training classes. 

She explained: ‘He is adorable but he would earn the title of Britain’s most destructive dog.

‘On this day Max stayed out of the way for the rest of the day, he kept bringing me his bone as a peace offering. I can laugh about it now.’

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