Photos of Prince Philip in ‘charmer mode’ gazing ‘into the eyes of the woman’ he’s with

As the Queen’s partner, Philip has met many, many members of the public, all while presenting a charming visage to the world. Attending hundreds of public events before his retriment in August 2017, he was infamous for his small talk with the public.

The Duke of Edinburgh is much like an old-fashioned romantic hero, body language expert Judi James told

She said: “Prince Philip has a charisma that belongs to another era.

“Describing it means using words from a novel by Jane Austen. The Prince looks ‘dashing’.

“He has a ‘twinkle in his eye’ but can appear ‘irascible’ and ‘like a man who would not suffer fools gladly’.

“His confidence signals are solid, like oak. He grew up in a time well before sexual equality and possibly still exists in it, thanks to the Windsor bubble of tradition and protocol.”

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Photos of Prince Philip from the 50s and 60s show the Duke meeting with female members of the public, showing some of this old-school charm.

Judi James told “Philip’s old-fashioned charm appears to be in place here as he gazes into the eyes of the woman being presented to him.”

However, the Prince also shows a huge respect for protocol.

“His grin looks playful but he is careful to keep a large spatial gap between them as the pair shake hands and his free hand seems to be tucked behind his back.”

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In another image, too, the Prince is in “charmer mode”, displaying confident body language.

“With his chest puffed and that grin of approval in place here, Philip looks in charmer mode again and the woman he is talking to appears happy to respond with a flattering eye-gaze,” Judi said.

While the Prince may be naturally charming with all he met on royal duty, there was someone he saved the bulk of his flirtation for, unsurprisingly, his wife The Queen.

The relationship between the pair has always hinted at romance, even though they avoid public displays of affection.

Judi said: “(Phillip) gazes down at her with an expression of kindly, almost paternal delight while the Queen has always gazed up at her husband with the expression of a love-struck teenager.”

Analysing an image of the pair shortly before their wedding, Judi said: “Philip is a powerful presence here in his full naval uniform, sitting legs splayed and leaning over Elizabeth, gazing down at her to suggest undivided attention.

“These are powerful old-school flirt rituals of the like we might not see once the Duke has gone.”

She went on: “His strongest public displays of genuine flirting, as opposed to rituals of social cohesion, have always been aimed at the Queen.

“What modern women might see as a patronising tendency to display very dominant and parental signals of approval and affectionate amusement (her is also rumoured to call HM ‘sausage’) would have appeared breathtakingly romantic to an earlier generation.”

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International dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder, whose expertise has appeared on the BBC, and in Forbes and Time magazines said: “Camilla clearly doesn’t want to be the star in the relationship.

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“She’s just really happy enjoying the relationship she has with this wonderful man in her life.”

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