Plastic surgery obsessed British K-pop singer slams ‘haters’ in new song

K-pop and plastic surgery fanatic Oli London has released his later song, Mirror Mirror, and flashy accompanying music video, hitting out at his "haters" after an onslaught of online abuse.

Oli, who previously told Daily Star Online he has spent "probably $150,000" on surgery to make himself look like his favourite Korean singer Jimin, from BTS, shares a poignant message against online trolls.

In the music video, the 30-year-old sings: "Everyone has the power to choose their own reflection, to choose who they want to be.

"It's easy to be a hater, it takes zero effort. But what takes real effort is being successful and happy and being a winner."

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Speaking of his latest song, Oli said: "This is by far my most complex and visually entertaining music video yet and I am very proud of the progression of my music throughout the past year.

"The new single features more complex Korean, perfectly pronounced, and has a complex anti-bullying message behind the lyrics."

Speaking of his favourite K-pop idol, he added: "I'm sure Jimin and BTW would be very proud of me."

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Oli regularly faces harsh criticism online with his music videos receiving more dislikes on YouTube than positive likes.

As well as music, Oli has made a name for himself on television, appeared on shows such as Botched and Dr Phil.

He appeared on Dr Phil earlier this year and broke down after admitting his plastic surgery addiction stemmed from the bullying he has received throughout his life due to his looks.

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Previously speaking to Daily Star Online, Oli said: "I've done my nose five times. I had cheek bone reduction. I've done jaw bone surgery. I've done chin surgery – two operations on my chin. I've done my eyes. I've done my chest, I had gynecomastia, like man boobs, I had that removed and my nipples adjusted – that was painful. And I had liposuction on my chest area as well.

"Then loads of filler all the time. I had a nonsurgical brow lift the other week. I'm always doing non-surgical – injections in my eyes, eyelids, my cheeks."

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He went on: "I wanted to mould myself on a K-pop star because they're all perfect, so I was looking thinking which one should I look like? Jimin was my favourite. Since then, over the years, I've become really obsessed with him and more crazy about the surgery."

Oli London's Mirror Mirror is available to stream and purchase on all platforms now

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