Popular interior trends that could DECREASE the value of your home

Popular interior trends that could DECREASE the value of your home – including trendy navy kitchen units and grey walls loved by Instagram stars

  • Homeowners favour interiors trends like grey walls and navy kitchens 
  • But research shows these trendy additions can actually put buyers off a property
  • Interior design expert explains how you can quickly adapt these trends 

From metro tiles and dark blue walls, homeowners everywhere have fallen in love with interior design trends that are bold, graphic, and social media friendly. 

But a new report of potential house buyers shows these popular trends can be serious turn-offs when it comes to purchasing a new home. 

More than 1,000 British homeowners were surveyed by trades website Rated People for their annual Home Improvement Trends report and results reveal the features most likely to put off prospective buyers when it comes time to sell. 

Dark grey and blue walls topped the list of the biggest interior design turn-offs, according to a survey of 1,000 British homeowners. Interior design guru Jen Stanbrook, of Love Chic Living, said on fixing the problem: Give the illusion of a light, bright space by adding a colourful wall collage. Keep it cost-effective by rummaging through charity shops for an eclectic selection of frames and use postcards, prints and wrapping paper for savvy alternatives to expensive art’

Shower rooms without a bath were the third biggest turn-off. Jen said: ‘It’s not that quick or easy to install a bath, but if you can, go for it. Otherwise, create a floor plan design showing how a bath can be fitted into the room, or go one step further and show photos of how it used to look when the bath was in place. Don’t forget to produce rough pricing for the work too. Creating the idea of a bath is the next best thing to actually reinstalling one’

Perhaps surprisingly, rooms painted dark blue or dark grey walls were named the least attractive interiors features, despite being championed by celebrities and social media stars alike. 

Next on the list was bathrooms without a bath, followed by dark blue kitchen units and white bathrooms with contrasting black fixtures. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, interior design guru Jen Stanbrook, of Love Chic Living, explained that the latter issue is one that is easily fixed. 

As black fittings aren’t to everyone’s tastes, you can pick up a second-hand chrome tap for next to nothing – they’re easier to replace than you think and can be swapped over in a few minutes,’ she said. If you’d prefer not to play around with plumbing, think about getting a plumber in to quote.’

Navy kitchens came in fourth in the survey results. Offering advice on how to improve it for sale, Jen said: ‘Whilst it might be too expensive to replace dark blue kitchen cupboards and you might not fancy repainting them, you can make the whole room appear brighter and less overpowering by decluttering and removing everything but the kettle from the worksurfaces. Add a handful of accessories in natural materials, like a marble chopping board and large wooden fruit bowl and ensure the room is well lit to offset the darker cupboard shades’

Bathrooms with trendy contrasting black fixtures come in fifth place. Jen said: ‘As black fittings aren’t to everyone’s tastes, you can pick up a second-hand chrome tap for next to nothing – they’re easier to replace than you think and can be swapped over in a few minutes’

Painted floorboards came in sixth place, with 35 per cent of people surveyed admitting it would put them off purchasing a flat. 

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‘ If you have painted floorboards and can’t afford to replace them with a new floor, then rugs are going to be your best friend,’ Jen explained. ‘Choose a good quality neutral rug, but look in charity shops or through second-hand marketplaces for some great priced pieces.’

Dark grey window frames and dark grey kitchen units also appeared on the list, with buyers fearful that they make homes look too dark.  

And while original sash windows might add charm and character to a property, they do not impress potential buyers.   

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People commented: ‘We know from the many completed projects in our community that dark and bold colours can look great, whether they’re used on walls, ceilings, kitchen cupboards or window frames. 

‘But when it comes to selling, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the features that buyers are looking for because the trends that were adding value just two to three years ago might now be devaluing properties.’

Original sash windows might be charming, but they put off buyers. Jen said: ‘Your best bet is to ensure your windows are in great condition to show they aren’t going to incur any immediate costs. Give them a fresh lick of paint and make sure they are all in good working order too – reassuring your buyers that old features make your home more desirable can help you seal the deal’


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