Pregnant mum to live-stream birth for £10k and has offers to sell breastmilk

Carla Bellucci has been cashing in on her pregnancy – and now she plans to make money by live-streaming her birth.

The mum-of-three, who shot to fame after admitting to blagging a nose job on the NHS, has been offered £10,000 to film herself in labour.

She told the Daily Star: “I have been offered £10,000 from one of my OnlyFans to live-stream my birth – and you know what, why not?

“I am going to give fans the chance to live-stream my birth for £10,000.

“I mean, people give birth on that programme One Born Every Minute and I can’t see the difference. I’m sure they don’t even get paid!”

The 39-year-old, from Hitchin, Herts, is aware she’ll probably receive hate for her decision but refuses to let trolls hold her back.

As Carla works as an influencer and model, she knows how important selling herself is.

She said: “I know people are going to go crazy but I’m a businesswoman and I need to make money.

“I am my business…

“I am nervous about live-streaming my birth but at the end of the day it’s a lot of money to refuse."

The mum added that she’s had “one of her best months” on OnlyFans thanks to posting about her pregnancy.

Carla says there’s a “massive fan base” for kinky content on the platform.

She revealed: “So many men have fetishes for pregnant women.

“I made over £3,000 the day it came out about my pregnancy.

“Men want to see my bump and they are excited about me growing.

“I have had requests for my breastmilk, which I find totally random and didn’t even know was a thing. Shocking!”

While Carla has no issues with cashing in on her pregnancy, she is more cautious about putting her baby in the spotlight.

Previously, the mum worried about her little one being trolled.

She wants to protect her newborn online – but admits she won’t be able to resist a magazine deal if they offer £15,000 for a photoshoot.

Two of Carla’s kids are 18 and 15-years-old, while her partner’s daughter is 24.

As they are older, she’s less worried about them being in the spotlight.

In fact, Carla would be chuffed in her kids followed in her footsteps by becoming influencers themselves.

She hopes her daughter Tanisha will be a Love Island star in the future – and would rather she took this path than got a law degree.

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