President Donald Trump To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: “They Will Have To Pay” For Security

Welcome to Southern California, Harry and Meghan. Now find and fund your own security team.

President Donald Trump tweeted out today that the couple, who reportedly are staying in a gated Malibu community as they search for permanent digs, will have to provide their own security. “The US will not pay for their security protection,” Trump tweeted. “They must pay!”

The former HRH couple and baby son Archie were living in Canada and stated that they wouldn’t move to their presumed final destination of Southern California until Trump was no longer in the White House. While in Canada, they were under the protection of a combination of British security and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Published estimates put the cost at millions of dollars per year to protect the family.

The issue of who will pay for their security has been up in the air since they announced plans to no longer undertake official UK royal duties. They have since established their own charity, and Meghan has gotten voice-over work for Disney while Harry ponders his next move.

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