Princess Leonor and Alexias body language confident and fun as they arrive in Wales

Princess Leonor of Spain delivers her first public speech

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Princess Leonor, aged 15, and Princess Alexia, aged 16, have both enrolled on a £67,000, two-year course at UWC Atlantic College. The school is in a 12th-century castle in the Vale of Glamorgan, which offers activities and subjects like Tai Chi and Tibetan literature.

The European Royal Families released pictures of their daughters, in which emotions seemed to be high.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain dropped Leonor off at Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport on Monday, hugging her before she made her way to her flight.

Meanwhile, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands shared a photo of Alexia standing with her bags outside their royal palace Paleis Huis ten Bosch.

The caption read: “Princess Alexia is leaving for the United World College of the Atlantic (UWC Atlantic College) in Llantwit Major in Wales.

“She will go there for her International Baccalaureate for the next two years.

“Princess Alexia completed the fourth year of the Sorghvliet Christian Gymnasium in The Hague last school year.”

Body language expert Judi James spoke to about the European Princesses coming over to Wales for their studies.

Judi said: “With the arrival of Princesses Leonor and Alexia, the UK is currently sounding like a Disney movie in the making.

“Although these two teenagers look far too modern to fit the ‘fairy tale princess’ stereotype.

“Princess Alexia of the Netherlands poses for her photo (taken by dad) using body language that suggests she is confident and immense fun.

“Wearing ripped jeans and carrying her own considerable baggage she stands with a wide, congruent grin, mask off and with a head tilt that suggests she is generally upbeat and keen to experience life in Wales.

“Princess Leonor of Spain is only fifteen and although her approach is similar, with the same casual, non-regal jeans and top.

“With the baggage that she is being helped to be loaded up with by her mother, her body language suggests this moment of parting is sad and poignant for her as well as for her parents.

“Walking in the middle of the family group with her sister by her side and her parents flanking her protectively, Leonor’s eyes look sad above her mask.

“King Felipe wears the rather awkward-looking body language of a dad who is brimming with anxiety at saying goodbye to his young daughter but also keen to not over-display any emotion that might lead to tears all round.

“His arms hang limply at his sides and his eye-smile as he watches the farewells looks very much like bravado.

“Queen Letizia has no second thoughts about performing a very touching and poignant farewell to her daughter though and the touching and hugging rituals are mutually loving here.

“Letizia places one hand on her daughter’s face in a gesture of tenderness and cherishing, while her other arm wraps around Leonor’s neck.

“The Princess has an arm around her mother’s waist and her eye-smile suggests she is being as brave as her watching dad.

“When father and daughter hug one another though, both their eye expressions suggest sadness.”

Atlantic College is located near the town of Llantwit Major on the South Wales coast, overlooking the Bristol Channel.

Unlike a conventional school day, lessons at UWC begin at 8 am and are finished in time for lunch.

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