Rarest 10p, 50p and £2 coins worth fortune – including famous Kew Gardens design

Rare coin collectors will have a rough idea on what is worth a fortune.

Now the rarest 10p, 50p and £2 coins have been revealed with some racking in a lot of money online.

The latest ChangeChecker scarcity index found the most sought after coins over the last three months.

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The list is broken down in three categories – the rarest 50p coins, an A-Z of 10p coins and £2 coins in circulation.

And now it's time to check if you have any of these hiding in your pockets…

Rarest 50ps – worth up to £250

The famous Kew Gardens 50p coin remains in the top place.

It features the Chinese Pagoda to mark 250 years since Kew Gardens first opened in 1759.

Only 210,000 of these coins were released into circulation.

And often eBay users flog their coins in a bid to make a profit.

In second place is the Judo Olympics which features an image of two athletes mid-throw in a tournament.

Here are the top coins:

  1. Kew Gardens 50p – worth £250
  2. Olympic Judo 50p – worth £10
  3. Triathlon 50p – worth £10
  4. Offside Football 50p – worth £10

Rarest 10ps – worth up to £12.50

ChangeChecker's 10p list is made up of the alphabet A to Z collection, released in 2018 and 2019 to mark British things.

Since the last release, ChangeChecker says the 10p list has changed significantly.

At the top is the letter R 10p coin, which represents the "Robin" coin.

In new condition, the R coin is around £12.50 which correlates with the bids we have seen in our research.

The Q coin comes second which features a line of people queuing through the letter "Q".

In third is the W coin or World Wide Web coin which comes with the letter W inside a spider's web.

Here are the top coins:

  1. Robin 10p – worth £12.50
  2. Queue 10p – worth £3
  3. World Wide Web 10p – worth £7

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Rarest £2s – worth up to £35

The top three rarest £2 coins are all from the Commonwealth Games 2002 collection.

To mark the event in Manchester from July 25, 2002, the XVII 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins were released.

Currently, the most sought-after is the Northern Ireland version, followed by Scotland and then England.

Each coin features the same base design of a runner with a flag of their country.

Here are the top coins:

  1. Queen Elizabeth II £2: Commonwealth Games N. Ireland – worth £35
  2. Queen Elizabeth II £2: Commonwealth Games Scotland – worth £8
  3. Queen Elizabeth II £2: Commonwealth Games England – worth £28

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