Rihanna Bought a New House Just To Support TikTok Influencers

Love Rihanna? Love Fenty Beauty? Make some fire TikToks and you may very well be on the fast track to living in the house that Rih built – or, well, bought at least. 

The pop star and beauty mogul has taken it upon herself to purchase a home in Los Angeles for the next generation of burgeoning TikTok creators. RiRi is bringing a whole new crop of TikTok royalty to live in the house, where the idea is for everyone to collaborate on some seriously sickening new ideas by walking down the hall and meeting with each other rather than having to rely on jet-setting around the country. 

Rihanna announced Fenty Beauty House, as she's referring to it, via press conference held from the home itself. The superstar, according to her speech,  "just wanted to create a platform for the next wave of content creators," and that "our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative."

It's likely we'll be seeing plenty of new announcements held from this very home, which seems like a new base of operations for Rih herself. How much contact she'll have with those who live in the sweet new pad is anyone's guess, but just imagine that your landlord is Rihanna. Can you, even?

Among some of the housemates include creators like Savannah Palacio, Emmy Combs, and Challan Trishann. It's a seriously fantastic idea, and the collabs that could come from this team-up have us excited. Now, the only thing the Bad Gal herself needs to do is drop that new album. 

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