Rory McIlroy Reveals Why He Wont Wear A Hat At The Tokyo Olympics

There’s one question atop the minds of golf spectators this week: Why isn’t Rory McIlroy wearing a hat?

The golf pro from Northern Ireland typically wears a Nike-emblazoned cap as part of a massive endorsement deal he signed with the sports giant, but it’s been absent during his appearances at the Tokyo Olympics.

Why? It’s not because of sponsorship conflicts or a general distaste for hat wear.

It’s because he has a teeny, tiny head, he told reporters Thursday.

“I have such a small head,” he said at a press conference in Japan Thursday. “My head is so small that I have to get Nike to make me custom hats, so whenever I’m in a team events and the hats aren’t custom, they’re all too big.”

A tip of the hat to you, Rory. We appreciate your honesty.




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