Sam Smith Spotted Wearing A $1,800 Bottega Veneta Handbag While Heading To Global Studio

Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter.

Sam Smith’s first big break came when Smith teamed with house duo Disclosure on the track “Latch,” which featured Smith’s liquid falsetto vocals astride an effervescent electronic beat.

Earlier this week, Sam flaunted their quirky sense of style on Friday while heading to Global Studios in central London.

According to Daily Mail, The four-time Grammy winner sported a shirt covered with a dog print for the outing, paired with mom-style blue jeans.

And adding a hint of couture to the look, the hitmaker added a Bottega Veneta crossbody pouch bag over their torso – which retails for $1,800 from the designer.

The forest green clutch bag featured a matte crochet design and a magnetic clasp, adding a spot of colour to the otherwise neutral look.

Alongside the statement printed shirt was Sam’s dark-wash jeans, which featured a turned-up leg.

And adding a black bomber jacket to the look, they kept comfortable in a pair of white classic Leather Reebok trainers – which retail for $73

Sam shielded their eyes with a pair of gold-trimmed black sunglasses, amping up the glamour with drop earrings.

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The London native appeared to be heading out solo, with their platinum blonde locks shaved into an ultra-short cut.

Crew working on Sam’s latest music video are ‘terrified’ of saying the wrong thing, as the singer also provided cast and crew with a queer diversity on-set manifesto and information sheet ahead of filming for the project.

As Reported by Daily Mail, According to the Mail On Sunday’s Harriet Dennys, an email told crew: ‘We are working with LGBTQREW+ to provide a safe, queer-friendly set. Please take the time to read the manifesto attached and feel free to raise any issues or questions with our dedicated queer diversity supervisor, details of whom can be found on the call sheet.’

Sources close to the crew said some felt they were being policed too far – as one told The Mail on Sunday: ‘There are some of us who are scared of saying the wrong thing now. While we wouldn’t want people to feel uncomfortable, human errors and misunderstandings can happen.

In 2020, Sam Smith came to terms with (they/them) gender.

According to Gay Blog, About to release the album ” Love Goes ”, Smith entertained the Vogue audience with a video about his skin care routine. According to Out magazine, the star talked about wearing makeup since he was ten and started questioning his gender at 14, the age when he started to put on makeup to go to school. It was a necessary way of expressing that he has now taken over.

“For me, makeup has become, as I get older, another way of expressing my gender”, said Smith. That love began to blossom after the star opened its gender identity and expression to the world last year.

In the wake of the revelation, says Out, he started experimenting with glitter again. But in a section of the lip gloss video – Smith prefers Haus Laboratories – he revealed the impact Lady Gaga had.

“Gaga is probably the reason why I really came to terms with my gender”, said Smith. “I was 15 when ‘The Fame’ was released and I was obsessed with Lady Gaga, and for me, she gave me total permission to be myself and be proud of my strangeness. It was a form of expression, but it was also strangely a form of protection. It was almost a way of saying to homophobes and bullies “Stay away from me a little bit because I am confident and I am powerful in my strangeness.”

The singer also revealed that he had a hair transplant about two years ago, as he was losing hair in front.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Gay Blog

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