Sapporo Celebrates DJs With Music Inspired by a Unique Mix of East and West

Sapporo is celebrating the fusion of its beer-making process and heritage with a new campaign that features real artists, DJs and bartenders. As a beer that blends traditional German brewing techniques with Japanese artistry, Sapporo has proven that bringing together unfamiliar worlds can result in remarkable outcomes. For Sapporo’s new Convergence of Cultures campaign, the Japanese brand has identified talent who use a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in their impressive work.

Spotlighting creators within the fields of music, art and bartending, Sapporo has kicked off the Convergence of Cultures campaign with a mini-documentary that follows two DJs with a mix of Eastern and Western influences. Both DJs have a unique sound where influences of Eastern and Western cultures collide in the DJ booth. The first talent, Calum X, is a multidisciplinary producer and DJ who plays a futuristic mix of club music. “You can’t make something new if you’re not out there discovering the world around you,” says the talent, who plays in a range of bars and other venues in his city.

To complement him, Sapporo also spotlights DJ Licca, a Japanese club DJ who enjoys putting her own spin on international hip-hop classics. While Calum X finds motivation in the new cultural experiences he encounters, DJ Licca seeks out inspiration from abroad while hunting for new tracks. Both DJs show the power of combining Japanese artistry and Western music tradition, which reflects how Sapporo came to be. “I’ve been touched by different kinds of music, and I want it to be influenced by other countries, so I can continue to create tracks that have a sense of originality,” says DJ Licca.  In the video, Calum X and DJ Licca share their artist journeys, from discovery to fusing different cultures and finally, the resulting music experiences that they create.

To learn about the other creators featured in Sapporo’s Convergence of Culture campaign, check out the other documentaries at Sapporo’s YouTube page.

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