Sapporo Explores How Beer and Bartending Are Catalysts for Cultural Fusion

As part of Sapporo‘s exploration of cultural influences that mix in the nightlife industry, the Japanese beer brand has released a new documentary that highlights two bartenders. Combining traditional German brewing techniques with Japanese artistry, Sapporo shows the impressive results that are created when the best of East meets West. The film spotlights two talents who share an attention to detail and a sense of fusion in their work as part of the brand’s Convergence of Cultures campaign.

Inspired by Sapporo’s multicultural brewing techniques, the documentary connects the art of brewing with the art of bartending, which is symbolized through a katana-shaped beer tap handle. The bartenders profiled in the video include Junya Sasage, an industry veteran who hails from the East, and Phillip F., a thriving bartender who is from the West. Sasage shares his love for the characters and social interactions that he’s experienced in his journey. Bartending for 14 years, Sasage has observed that, “In a bar, one connects through conversation, music, atmosphere. And despite where you are born, differences and similarities in culture don’t matter.”

While both bartenders cite a mix of cultural forces as an element of their craft, Phillip F. is especially drawn to the social aspects of bartending that allow him to meet and talk to people from around the world. “Once you know more about different cultures, you can also reflect better for yourself,” he says. “It’s just amazing to meet all those new people, to hear their stories, that’s changed me so much.” Sharing stories of different cultures and bartending over the years, Phillip mentions that he’s even met his wife while socializing at a bar and these spaces can become like a “second home.” When a bar is a place for cultural fusion, new creative forces emerge, which explains why bars are a place for trendsetters, creative thinkers and others in the pursuit of the unexpected.

To meet other creators who show how East meets West in the nightlife industry, head to Sapporo’s YouTube page for more documentaries in its Convergence of Culture campaign.

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