SaveArtSpace Will Return to the Streets of Miami

SaveArtSpace will be in attendance for the upcoming Miami Art Week and Art Basel, which will take place from December 2 to December 5. In the past, the group has rallied behind Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, along with bringing CryptoPunks from their digital confines to the Magic City.

For the latest installment, the non-profit organization presents Neo.Rev — a cross-media public art exhibition on bus shelters and billboard ad spaces across the city. Curated by local artist, Haiiileen, SaveArtSpace has chosen a select group of creatives from a pool of 600 submissions. An exhibition with the chosen work will also be on view at The Missing Paart from December 1 to 5.

As a reflection on both the pandemic and the further merging of traditional and digital art, the organizers ask:

“What will our post-pandemic reality become? We’ve went from being self-involved to being self-reflective; Reinventing ourselves to form a new strategy from our collective experience. Creating a new chapter to push ourselves to do more for oneself and one’s community. Now is the time to be reborn back into a new era of creativity.”

Find out for yourself as SaveArtSpace kicks things off during the week of November 22. See the full list of chosen artists below.

On the opposite coast, DesignerCon will return to the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Missing Paart
380 NW 24th St,
Miami, FL

Selected Artists:

Brian Butler,
Logan Fazio,
Aminta Paiz,
Denise Treizman,
Leah Guzman,
Tara Chadwick,
Lizzie Suarez,
Carolina Kleine Samson,
Monica McGivern,
Lou Patrou,
Mary Lindstrom,
Gigi Chen,
Jennifer Deppe Parker,
Jeff Bartell,
Kamal X,
Faith Umoh,
Stephanie Hatch,

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