See How People Around the World Are Coping During the Coronavirus Outbreak

A sanitary worker disinfects a church in Beirut on March 5. 

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A worker wearing a protective suit sprays disinfectant at an Islamic Mosque in Beirut, Lebanon, on March 5. 

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Workers wear face masks as they remove seating from a public area at the Beijing Capital Airport in Beijing on March 5. 

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The square in front of Rome’s Colosseum, usually crowded with hundreds of tourists, stands almost empty on March 5.

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Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai is usually bustling, but is near empty on March 5.  

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Palestinian police officers wear masks and share sanitizer to protect themselves from Coronavirus as they stand guard after a hotel in Bethlehem was quarantined due to a number of suspected cases on March 5. 

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A Gondoliere checks his phone while waiting for tourists in Venice on March 5. 

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The usually very busy Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, is totally empty on March 5. 

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A Venice fish market near Rialto bridge stands deserted on March 5. 

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Paola Senesi, Headmaster of Rome’s secondary classics school Giulio Cesare, talks in an empty classroom on March 5. Italy closed all schools and universities until March 15. 

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An almost empty British Airways passenger plane flies from Milan to London on March 5. 

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A teacher teaches to an empty class, instead giving an online lecture, at Politecnico di Milano on March 5 in Milan, Italy. 

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A worker sprays disinfectant as a precaution against the Coronavirus inside a Vietnam Airlines airplane at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam, on March 3.

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Members of Victoria Hospital Medical staff demonstrate to the public on how to properly wash their hands using sanitizer in Bangalore, India, on March 5. 

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A sign for hand sanitizers is displayed on an empty shelf in a pharmacy in London, March 5. People have been clearing the shelves by buying hand santizer, masks, cleaning products and toilet paper in mass quantities. 

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People leave a Costco in Melbourne, Australia, with rolls of toilet paper. 

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Tokyo Disneyland announced that it would be closed from Feb. 29 until March 15 to curb the spread of new Coronavirus infections. 

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Shanghai Disneyland temporarily closed amid the spread of the virus, as well. 

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Universal Studio Theme Park in Japan also temporarily closed amidst concerns. 

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People wear face masks in Times Square in N.Y.C. on March 3. 

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A utility service worker for King County Metro deep cleans a metro bus in Seattle, Washington. 

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A cleaner wearing protective clothing sprays antibacterial solution a bus station in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Two Chelsea fans wear face masks head of the FA Cup Fifth Round match between Chelsea and Liverpool in London. 

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A woman and a child wear protective masks on the underground train system in Brussels, Belgium. 

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An employee disinfects a bus in the country of Georgia. 

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A couple wearing protective masks takes a selfie in front of the Louvre Museum on March 4. The museum announced that it is closing amidst the outbreak. 

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Visitors wait in front of the Louvre Museum as the museum was closed for a staff meeting about the Coronavirus outbreak on March 4 in Paris. 

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Personnel wear protective masks and suits in Krakow, Poland, in front of mobile emergency rooms, set up as a precaution after Poland confirmed its first Coronavirus infection. 

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Workers from Department of Health wear personal protective equipment and carry cleaning supplies into a residential building in Hong Kong. 

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Photographers take pictures of a tourist wearing a protective face mask in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan after Fashion Week in the Italian city.

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People wear facemasks in front of the Duomo of Milan in Italy on Feb. 24. 

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Tourists in Venice ride in a gondola after the city canceled its Carnival celebrations. 

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A dog wears a paper cup over its mouth on a street in Beijing. One dog has been quarantined after testing a “weak positive” for the virus.

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A medical staff member disinfects a quarantine zone converted from a hotel in Wuhan, China.

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A pair of elderly people go to a drugstore to buy masks, which are sold out, in Luzhou City, China.

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A worker wears a protective mask while cleaning construction waste at Wuhan Keting in Wuhan, China.

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A CDC worker hands samples collected from a suspected Coronavirus patient to colleagues for testing in a quarantined hotel in Wuhan, China.

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Workers prepare beds at Wuhan International Conference and Exhibition Center in Wuhan, China, the city believed to be at the center of the outbreak.

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Medical employees in Hong Kong line up outside the Hospital Authority Building to hand in demand letters in hopes of convincing the government to change its tactics.

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A man holds a child as they and others wear protective masks while riding on the subway in Beijing, China, on Jan. 24. 

The elderly and immunocompromised people are at the greatest risk for contracting the virus. 

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A woman wears a hat, sunglasses and protective mask in Singapore on Jan. 28. 

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A woman with her child wrapped in a plastic sheet walks on a street in Hong Kong on Jan. 29.

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A young child wears a protective mask and is covered in plastic while waiting to check into a flight at Beijing Capital Airport on Jan. 30. 

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Chinese children wear plastic bottles as makeshift homemade protection and protective masks while waiting to check into a flight at Beijing Capital Airport on Jan. 30. 

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A man wears a protective mask and goggles at Beijing Capital Airport on Jan. 30. 

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