'Sex and the City': Why Kim Cattrall Didn't Feel 'Appreciated' While Doing the Series

Dedicated Sex and the City fans are well aware that Kim Cattrall didn’t have the breeziest experience while working on the hit series. Although Cattrall is forever grateful for her role as Samantha Jones, she went through a lot while making the HBO show and doesn’t feel like she got the recognition or appreciation that she deserved. But what caused the celebrity to feel so underappreciated while making Sex and the City?

‘Sex and the City’ helped Kim Cattrall deal with ageism

Despite all the hurdles Cattrall faced while working on the HBO series, there were several rewarding factors as well. According to the actor, Sex and the City really helped her concur her fears about aging in Hollywood. At first, Cattrall wouldn’t agree to play Samantha because of her hangups on aging. According to the book Sex and the City and Us, Cattrall felt she was “over the hill” and could no longer play such a bombshell of a character.

Yet Daren Star, the series producer, said she was born for the role.

And when Cattrall finally accepted the offer to play Samantha, it really helped her overcome her fears about aging in Hollywood.

“(Samantha Jones) helped me get through my 40s because when I started the show, I was 41,” Cattrall told the Boston Herald. “You know they always accuse Hollywood of ageism, but I found that I was doing that to myself. Because I was really questioning if I could indeed play a woman who was that sexual. I’m not kidding you.”

She continued, adding, “People started to look differently because of shows like Sex and the City about 40. Now to have one of your main characters at the end of a big Hollywood movie say, ‘I’m 50, and I’m fabulous,’ it really gives me a lot of hope for the next decade.”

Kim Cattrall didn’t feel ‘appreciated’ while making ‘Sex and the City’

But despite how much Sam Jones helped Cattrall overcome her insecurities, not everything about starring on the HBO series was uplifting. According to the actor, she had to sacrifice a lot just to give her all to the role. She even claims that the show led to her divorce from her husband and that she never had children because of her dedication to the part.

“Catrall felt underappreciated at the time of the show, which she has said contributed to both her decision not to have children and the demise of her relationship,” the book Sex and the City and Us claims.

“You know your counterpart’s making a million dollars an episode,” says Cattrall, “And I knew that we were never going to get that, but I felt that we had worked a lot of nineteen-hour days; I lost a marriage to the series and a lot of friends. You just have no life.”

Kim Cattrall wanted a higher salary for the ‘Sex and the City’ movies

According to Cattrall, she asked for a raise when she was offered to act in the Sex and the City movies. She felt as though she had given her all to the role, and that she deserved more money.

“I ain’t got no rich husband,” she said. “I ain’t got no sugar daddy…”

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