‘She’s The Boss’ Star Shares Stunning Story Of Raising 3 Homeless Girls While Running Multi-Million Dollar Business

Nicole Walters & her family will be the focus of USA Network’s new show, ‘She’s The Boss.’ The *boss* herself spoke to HL about her incredibly inspiring story.

Do you believe in divine intervention? Because that is one way to understand and appreciate the story of marketing expert Nicole Walters and her incredible family. The star of She’s The Boss, which premieres Thursday, February 25th at 10:30 PM ET on USA Network, shared the harrowing story of finding her future daughters panhandling on the streets of Baltimore City and giving them a new life. “We were really blessed to be able to become mentors to them at that time and just support them, help them do whatever we could do to just really help improve their life in a general way,” Nicole explained on the HollywoodLife Podcast. “Unfortunately, their mother became incarcerated within 30 days of meeting them, so at that time, we took full custody. And before we knew it, mentor turned to mom, and here we are, the parents of three just incredible, incredible girls.”

When Nicole and her husband, Josh, took in Daya, Krissy, and Ally, the girls were 14, 11 and 3. “There were transitional moments where we absolutely had to buckle up and realize this is a big job. It’s much bigger than just being the Auntie on the weekends or the grandparents during the summer. We’re not just mentors anymore, we are really and truly their parents, and we have to support them through the good and the bad. It’s not just fun times,” she said, detailing the first time her 3-year-old had to go “number 2,” and Nicole had to help her wipe. “This doesn’t register for a lot of parents, because you go right from diapers, and you’re almost cheering along, when they get into the potty seat… But for me, I was like, ‘Wait, I have to support you in this process!’ And she’s just looking at me with the cutest smile, expecting me to show up and show out. And I’m like, ‘Oh, no.’ And so I almost dropped her in the toilet. I was shocked!” Nicole laughed.

Now, almost seven years later, the girls have grown up, Nicole has successfully launched her own multi-million dollar marketing company, hired a “manny” (we’ll explain), and her family in all of its glory will be featured in the newest USA Network docuseries! For the family, having the cameras on is no different than normal life, as Nicole has been documenting their life online since she first met the girls. “We see this TV show as a natural extension of what we were already doing online,” she explained. “We’ve always lived our life out loud to try to show the goodness that can happen if you just interact and meet the world where it is, so that’s just our life and our values. Sharing online and reaching out to what we’ve always called our ‘Internet Aunties’ — the collective village that has helped us figure out which car seat to buy and what potty seat trainer we need. This show is just being able to extend that family and widen our village.”

We truly cannot wait for the world to meet Nicole and Josh Walters, their beautiful daughters and, of course, their ‘manny’ Eddie — who is also Nicole’s executive assistant and best friend. Listen to the full HollywoodLife Podcast interview with Nicole here and don’t forget to tune in to She’s The Boss on USA Feb. 25th at 10:30 PM ET!

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