Shoppers Are Calling This $16 Upholstery Cleaner ‘Sorcery’ for Cleaning Their Leather Seats So Quickly

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From the sink to the toilet, from the microwave to the car, it seems like absolutely everything is on its own time frame for cleaning. You need to clean the toilet every chance you get, the microwave once a week, and don’t get us started on the car. It can get exhausting. So why not buy something versatile?

Thanks to Amazon, we just found an under $20 cleaning product that not only can work on nearly every surface, but it’s said to be magical for the inside of your car. We know, we were intrigued as heck too.

Car Guys Super Cleaner



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The CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is a powerful and effective interior cleaner that can tackle any fabric, from leather upholstery to rubber. Dubbed the “king of all cleaners,” this multi-surface spray can even help with the exterior of your car, eliminating everything from bird poop to grease. Truly, we’re wondering what it can’t clean.

Per the brand, you can use this cleaner anywhere and on any surface, both inside and out, easily. You can either spray directly to the surface or spray the product directly onto your cleaning cloth and then clean from there!

With over 20,000 reviews on Amazon at 4.5 stars, shoppers can’t get enough of this multipurpose spray. One shopper even called it “magic,” saying, “I’ve been looking for a good seat cleaner and this one is amazing! A little goes a long ways with this and it picks up stains right away. Would definitely buy again!”

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Another shopper added, “This is the secret detailing potion we always suspected was a long held industry secret.” They added, “This is the secret potion I always suspected car detailing places had access to. It made the interior of my car look brand new.”

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