‘Snow storming’ is the anti-cuffing season dating trend we need right now

Written by Leah Sinclair

The term, coined by the dating app Wingman, is all about leaving unhappy relationships at a time when people typically stay in them amid cuffing season.

When it comes to winter, there are a few terms we tend to hear more frequently.

From ’Netflix and chill’ to ’cuffing season’, the desire to cuddle up with someone new (or from your past) is at an all-time high at this time of year – but we’re starting to see a new dating trend emerge as people seek to free themselves from toxic or unhappy relationships.

And so, according to the dating app Wingman, ‘snow storming’ is the latest dating trend to look out for.

An offshoot of the cobwebbing trend, where you mentally and physically clear out the cobwebs and cut ties with former lovers, snow storming goes one step further.

“A snow stormer won’t just let go of old flames and declutter their life of past toxic relationships, they actively ‘let go’ of their current relationship too,” says Wingman founder Tina Wilson.

“In the midst of cuffing season, this spells it out loud and clear that they have woken up to the realisation that they are not happy or in love with their current partner. In addition, there is no desire to get back with an ex and they will rather risk not having a serious relationship over the winter and Christmas season until they find the right partner to settle down with.”

Wilson says there’s no coincidence that snow storming tends to happen towards the end of the year as they have “consciously started to look ahead to 2023 and are reacting fast if they feel unhappy in their current relationship for whatever reason”.

“Snow storming encourages people in relationships to make a drastic change, which per its name, is a turbulent reaction to the actions of the person wanting change and is characterised by upheaval and disorder,” says Wilson.

Being a snow stormer isn’t for the faint-hearted, though, and it takes a lot of courage to leave a relationship, especially at this time of the year when the majority of daters prefer to be coupling up.

“By coming out of the other side, the snow stormer will hopefully feel empowered and have the freedom to date other people once they feel ready,” says Wilson.

However, the dating app founder warns that snow stormers should be careful that their decision to end a relationship isn’t a subconscious reaction to past relationship trauma as “snow stormers blast everything away to stop possible hurt in the future”.

“It can be very cathartic if it’s done for the right reasons and gives you a clean slate to begin your romantic journey afresh; however, it couldn’t come at a worse time for the dater on the receiving end as they will literally be left out in the cold and completely blindsided by their partner’s decision.”

Wilson adds that when you have decided to end a relationship, you shouldn’t wait to tell your partner.

“It is easy to put off having the breakup conversation as you might not want to hurt their feelings. But this delay will ultimately keep them in a relationship that isn’t going to last, and instead of wasting time on you, they could be with someone who does want to be with them.So the best way is to act decisively and fast for both your benefits.”

“Always have an honest conversation with them, but don’t overstay your welcome or make excuses. It is also important to stick to your decision as you don’t want to give them false hope the relationship will be rekindled if you know there is no hope of going back.”

“A successful snow stormer will make a clean break for it, and after the storm has passed they will move onto happier and brighter times.”

While many things have their pros and cons, at the heart of being a snow stormer is being someone who assesses their happiness and values in the relationship they’re in and makes the decision to leave despite the pressures of cuffing season or having a partner for the festive season.

It’s choosing to put yourself first and being comfortable on your own and waiting for the right relationship rather than staying in one just for the sake of it – and at a time when cuffing season has become a recurrent trend, snow storming might be the dating trend we need right now.

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