Spending my hubbys money is a hobby – I often splash £72k on a shopping trip

People often have different hobbies – such as reading, writing or hitting the gym.

But Soudi, from Dubai, says her husband Jamal loves to foot the bill for her lavish lifestyle.

With a shopping habit that could dent even the sturdiest of bank accounts, she isn't one to shy away from flaunting her extravagance online.

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From exclusive vacations to luxury dining experiences, she takes to social media to showcase it all.

"I'm a rich Dubai housewife, and my hobby is spending my husband's money," admitted Soudi, who isn't shy about her obsession with the finer things in life.

With more than one million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined, Soudi takes her followers on a journey through her daily life, which includes shopping sprees, luxurious vacations, and fine dining experiences.

"We usually spend anything from £3,600 to £72,000 depending on Jamal's mood, in one shopping spree" Soudi told Cover Real Life about her spending habits.

Her favourite designers are Dior, while her husband loves Hermes.

She has been gifted a Birkin bag and two cars from her other half – and the couple now have matching cars.

Despite her love for shopping and spending money, Soudi also takes great pride in managing her household and creating a comfortable home for her family.

"We both love the Maldives, and we go to London every few months: we just got back from the Seychelles we want to go to Japan next," said Soudi, who recently returned from a trip that cost approximately £14,400.

The couple come from different backgrounds.

Soudi, who lived in Sussex until she was six-years-old, then moved to Dubai with her family.

Meanwhile, her wealthy husband is Emirati.

They met at university in Dubai – and after four weddings, they have been married for two years.

Both their families live in Dubai – and the couple is looking forward to starting their own family soon.

"I love surprises, so I love it when Jamal books out the restaurant just for us – at a cost of £1,080 – and sends me what to wear that night, and he always ends the night with a surprise gift," Soudi boasted.

She also admits to having done basic filler and Botox and says she would "never rule out more surgery".

"I think if it makes you happy, then you should do it," she admitted, adding she’s also a fan of manicures – at a cost of £720.

Soudi's life may seem extravagant and over-the-top to some – but to her, it's just another day in the life of a millionaire housewife.


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