Spoilers: Shock wedding for Sky and Lana in Neighbours

Sky (Stephanie McIntosh) and Lana (Bridget Neval) made shockwaves back in the early Noughties when they shared the first Neighbours lesbian kiss and Lana was also the soap’s first lesbian character. Now, 16 years later they are back to celebrate that their love has finally blossomed into a full-blown romance and the couple are set to get married.

But someone forgot to tell Dylan Timmins (Damien Bodie).

Sky has returned to Ramsay Street after all these years with a big secret – she’s fallen back in love with her teenage crush and she’s set to marry her. She tells Jane (Annie Jones) her secret but convinces her to keep it for her. All is going well until Jane accidentally blabs to Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) who is livid that Dylan, Sky’s ex who still carries a torch for her, has been kept in the dark.

Sky is adamant she’s not ready to tell Dylan, not without Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) help. But with him not around and time running out, she may have to bite the bullet alone.

But then a helping hand is offered from an unexpected source.

But it may transpire that their love is not meant to be. Sky and Lana’s wedding is hit with a series of setbacks, including their venue getting destroyed.

Dylan arrives in town and is utterly crushed to find out Sky has been in a secret relationship. He’d been hoping he and Sky could fix things, but now he’ll never get the chance.

This sudden outburst of feelings makes Sky reassess things and realise that things now don’t feel right. Everything is such a mess. Will she call the wedding off?

Scenes air from Monday 16th March at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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