Storyboards for Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Sequels Reveal Batman and Lois Lane Child Plans

According to reports, storyboards for Zack Snyder‘s originally planned Justice League sequels would have seen Batman and Lois Lane have a child together.  The now-deleted storyboards reveal that Justice League 2 was supposed to feature Bruce Wayne discovering Superman’s significant other was pregnant.

But after a five-year time shift in Justice League 3, The Flash would travel back in time to tell Bruce, “Lois lied to you. You’re the father.” The news would then push Batman to be hit with Darkseid’s Omega Beam that killed Lois in another timeline before being killed in a battle with the supervillain. With Darkseid bested and the truth revealed, Clark Kent would then share that he always knew going on to raise Bruce’s son.

20 years later, a conversation with Commissioner Barbara Gordon at a Batman memorial would lead to Lois telling her son about his biological father. Guiding him to the Batcave and ending Justice League 3 with the emergence of a new Batman.

In recent weeks, Snyder has been discussing the idea of a relationship between Bruce and Lois that would create a unique conflict between Batman and Superman. As the romance helps Bruce begin shedding his Batman persona in hopes of a normal life, despite the moral implications.

It is interesting to note that we could see some early elements of Zack Snyder’s originally planned trilogy in the upcoming Justice League: The Snyder Cut release.

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