Stranger leaves emotional note praising mums in public toilet of caravan park

A stranger has been applauded on social media after leaving an emotional note for mums at a caravan park.

The person, believed to be a woman, penned a handwritten note and stuck it on the wall of the public bathroom for others to see.

Those who saw the note were left emotional after it was discovered over the Easter weekend in Australia.

It read: "To all of the mums, when I look at you or are in ears reach of you trying to discipline or comfort your child I want you to know I am not judging you.

"I admire you, your strength, patience and the pure determination you have to try to give your family beautiful memories is priceless."

Now a photo of the note has been shared online over one hundred times.

One wrote: "Another queen lifting other queens up."

Another added: "I wish all campers thought like this. Taking children camping is sometimes difficult."

While others said the note was beautiful and admitted more kindness was needed like this in the world.

A woman agreed the note was a lovely gesture after spending a weekend camping with her pal and their five kids in bad weather.

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She detailed: "I don't think some people realise how hurtful their words can be sometimes.

"This morning my girlfriend and I were having a little chat through my window as it was still raining. This older lady who camped behind us told us we were appalling.

"She went on to say she had come here for a quiet weekend away and all she could hear was our noisy kids and us yelling at the top of our lungs and we have no control over our kids at all."

The woman told how it left her speechless after explaining that she tried her best to keep the kids entertained indoors.

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She tried to keep them busy by watching movies and even left the campsite to visit local markets so they wouldn't be disruptive.

The woman continued: "She was totally out of line. My kids have been in our van each night by 7.30pm, we don't come out till after 8am in the mornings.

"We don't let them run around people's campsites or anything.

"We have certainly not yelled at the top of our lungs and neither have the kids."

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