Stylist to the stars reveals the hair faux pas you have been making

Are you DAMAGING your hair with your daily routine? Celebrity hairstylist reveals the common mistakes people make when trying to look after their locks

  • Celebrity hairstylist has revealed mistakes which are damaging your locks 
  • Frederic Fekkai, a French stylist to the stars, has shared his hair care tips
  • Revealed how building a washing schedule depending on your hair type is key 
  • Said it’s important to give hair a detox once every few weeks to give it a break   

Healthy shiny locks is the goal that many people tend to strive towards with their  daily hair care routines.

But a celebrity hair stylist has revealed how bad habits and even the environment could be causing your hair more harm than good.

Frederic Fekkai, a French US-based hair stylist to the stars, told FEMAIL the common the mistakes you might be making when it comes to your hair. 

And the stylist revealed  his top hair care tips, including giving your hair ‘a full detox’, to revitalize your locks.  

Washing at the wrong time 

Women with medium to coarse hair should lower hair washing to three times a week, according to Frederic Fekkai, a French US-based hair stylish to the stars (stock image) 

Frederic recommended women alter the regularity of their washes depending on the thickness of their hair. 

He revealed: ‘I recommend that women with fine hair wash their hair daily and use a volumizing shampoo because this will improve the appearance and give an overall impression of thickness. 

‘For women with medium to coarse hair, I would recommend that they lower hair washing to three times a week.’ 


Frederic called over styled hair ‘one of the worst mistakes you can make’.

He explained: ‘For example, either curling your hair too much or flattening it with hot tools. This can be very damaging and, as a result, it is very hard to restore the hair quality.’

Frederic also explained that environmental factors can have a drastic impact on the condition of hair. 

He said: ‘Harsh styling products together with all the environmental aggressors in our daily lives; pollution, UV, and chlorine from the water can all lead to build-up.

‘In fact, pollution alone has been found to negatively affect the hair by making it dry, brittle and damaged.’

He explained: ‘Generally speaking, dry hair types should shampoo a maximum of two times a week, while oily hair types may require washing on a daily basis.

‘If you have normal hair and don’t suffer from dryness or oiliness, you have the luxury of washing your hair whenever you feel like you need to. Hair that’s thicker, curlier, or processed can go without a wash for longer than fine hair.

‘This is because the oils in your scalp don’t travel down the hair shaft as quickly as it does in finer hair strands.’

He went on to recommend rinsing ‘very well’ after applying shampoo, adding: ‘The other advice I give is to avoid applying conditioner at the roots as the hair gets heavier and looks flat.’

Using straighteners 

Frederic revealed that hair straighteners are amongst the most damaging for your locks.

He said: ‘I really dislike the flat iron, it’s too harsh on the hair and I regularly see clients with very healthy hair scorched and damaged because of that device. 

‘I always recommend to my clients to use the hot iron as little as possible and use a hair mask with maximum heat protection.’

Spraying dry shampoo too close to the roots

The stylist revealed one of his favourite products was dry shampoo, explaining: ‘I think it’s a very good option when you run out of time and it’s an all-round solution for those stressful, rushed mornings. 

‘You can always manage to find two minutes to apply dry shampoo.’

However, he added: ‘You just have to be careful not to apply it next to the roots, making sure you spray it 20 to 30 cm away from your head to avoid any powdery tell-tale signs.’

Use masks to keep hold of your colour   

When considering a dye job, Frederic recommended clients consider a tone which is not far from their own natural colour 

Frederic recommended those hoping to maintain a dyed colour should use treatment masks regularly. 

He said: ‘Usually I recommend using a hydrating shampoo and a treatment mask, as they are beneficial for coloured treated hair and they will make the life of your hair colour last longer.’ 

Match the colour to your skin tone  

Frederic revealed: ‘It is very important to choose a colour that is not far from you own natural colour. 

‘But in cases where the colour is much lighter, I recommend you use a lot of contrast with highlights. 

‘I find that the best hair colours are the ones with natural shine and contrast.’ 

Frederic is launching a sustainable range for millennials in Selfridges from March 10.

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