Take a look through mosque windows in stunning photos

The relationship between Muslims and the rest of society in some European countries has been a complicated one.

To explore the connection, photographer Marwan Bassiouni visited more than 70 mosques in the Netherlands – his adoptive homeland.

Born in Switzerland, Bassiouni said that the project was a response to the ‘many terrible events of recent years that have damaged the image of Islam’.

While his beautiful images may look photoshopped, the mosque interiors do actually look into the views pictured.

‘Between January 2018 and February 2019, I travelled across the Netherlands to photograph the Dutch landscape from inside Dutch mosques,’ explains Bassiouni.

‘My choice of which mosques to photograph was based on the views that their windows had to offer and the access I was granted.

‘I physically visited more than 70 mosques in order to produce a total of thirty New Dutch Views,’ says Bassiouni.

‘All photographs are composites and representations of actual Dutch mosque interiors with their views on the local landscape. Each mosque is depicted in its actual surroundings.’

His series, which is going on show at the Photography Museum of the Hague, is all about showing the diversity of Islam and highlights the emergence of what he calls a ‘new Western Islamic identity’.

If you can’t make it to the Netherlands, you can buy a book of Bassiouni’s series for £38.

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