Tesla owner proves car keeps you warm after being stuck in 36-hour traffic jam

It's official: a Tesla electric car will keep you warmer for longer, should you ever get caught in a truly terrible icy traffic jam.

That's according to Tesla enthusiast and fan club president 'Dirty Tesla', who took to YouTube to debunk claims that electric vehicles would fail to keep people warm in a jam.

Referring to a recent 30-hour nightmare traffic jam that stretched on for 48 miles, a writer in the Washington Post said that the jam would have been much worse if all the cars had been electric vehicles as they would run out of charge. On the other hand, he said petrol cars would do better as you would just need a can of petrol.

"Absent some breakthrough in mobile charging technology, out-of-juice EVs in out-of-the-way places will need a tow," said Charles Lane. "If Monday’s nightmare had been an all-electric affair, they might have littered the highway for miles."

The claims led to many angry comments from disgruntled Tesla owners who were offended at the thought their pricey electric vehicles don't cut the mustard.

'Dirty Tesla' aka 'Chris, who makes YouTube videos about his life with a Tesla car, decided to go a step further by hosting an 18 hour experiment to prove that a Tesla could keep drivers warmer for longer in a blizzard.

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After running the heating in the Tesla for hours during freezing temperatures, Chris argued that the electric cars will generally fare better during cold snaps and could even keep you warmer in a 36-hour traffic jam.

He claims that his car battery only went down 10 percent when the heating was put on at 15 degrees celsius, and by 43% when it was at 21 degrees.

He said: "Overall I think its safe to say that if you do some planning before you go out. An electric car is not really going to have any more troubles other than if you do run out of charge, its going to be a lot harder to get you out of there, you'll need a tow, whereas with a [petrol] car you'll just need a gas can."

"Most people would prefer electric if they spent a lot of time in an electric car than if they spent a lot of time with an electric car and then tried to go back to gas than they would not enjoy it."

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