The 6 Strangest 'Breath of the Wild' Speedrun Categories

While fans continue waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, players went back again and again to BOTW. However, after Link defeated Calamity Ganon, rescued Princess Zelda, and even collected all 900 Korok Seeds, what else could players do? That’s where speedrunning comes in. However, after players completed normal speedruns over and over, some of the strangest Breath of the Wild speedrun categories popped up for gamers to try.

5. ‘All Dog Treasures,’ one of the most wholesome ‘Breath of the Wild’ Speedrun Categories

Tragically, Nintendo does not let Link pet dogs in BOTW. However, the ‘All Dog Treasures’ speedrun for Breath of the Wild shots for the next best thing.

When Link comes to Hateno Village, Tarrey Town, or a stable, he might come across a hungry dog. If Link feeds the dog, it can lead him to a buried treasure chest. The Beath of the Wild ‘All Dog Treasures’ Speedrun speedrun challenges players to charm all 16 of these dogs across Hyrule and find their treasures.

The current world record holder is SrTapir with a 1h 09min 39sec time.

4. ‘Get Laid%’, one of the much less wholesome ‘Breath of the Wild’ Speedrun Categories

One of the most infamous and strangest Breath of the Wild speedrun categories is the ‘Get Laid%.’ In Kakariko Village, after Link unlocks the ‘Stolen Heirloom’ Shrine Quest, the Yiga Clan steals a sacred artifact. Impa asks Link to guard her granddaughter, Paya, overnight. Naturally, the internet suggestively interpreted this.

While several YouTubers have documented their runs of the Breath of the Wild ‘Get Laid%,’ does not recognize it as an official run. Due to that, finding the exact world record remains difficult, though some claim it to sit around 37 minutes.

3. ‘Die%’ and ‘Go Home and Die%’ seem similar, but have two separate categories.

Two of the more hilarious and strangest Breath of the Wild speedrun categories, ‘Die%’ and ‘Go Home and Die%.’ While the two seem similar, they have their own categories.

In ‘Die%,’ running Link’s hearts down to zero remains the only thing of importance. Players use a Breath of the Wild glitch to clip out of the Shrine of Resurrection and leap from a high hilltop.

Meanwhile, in ‘Go Home and Die%,’ players try to harness their inner Ganondorf and kill Link in the crib. Link must lose all hearts in the Shrine of Resurrection bed by any means, but the most common results from starting a fire with wood and flint.

The current world record holder of the ‘Go Home and Die%’ is HarleyLoZ with a 3m 00s 640ms time. Xeryph holds the ‘Die%’ record at 59s 233ms.

2. ‘Rake in Lake’ Speedrun might be the most random one out there

One of the weirdest, most random Breath of the Wild speedrun categories is the ‘Rake in Lake’ speedrun.

The official rules state that a player must “throw/drop either a Farming Hoe or a Farmer’s pitchfork in any body of water with the word “Lake” in its name. The rake must be seen entering the body of water.”

The nearest lake tends to be Lake Hylia. Players glitch off the Great Plateau after grabbing the item and tossing the weapon in the water. Dovakine9764 holds the world record 2m 52s 033ms time.

Fans really need BOTW 2 to release soon.

1. ‘Smash%’ is another unrecognized ‘Breath of the Wild’ Speedrun Category

‘Smash%’ involves leveling up a piece of armor to level four at one of the Great Fairy Fountains. The name comes from how frisky the Great Fairies seem to get with the Hero of the Wilds.

Similar to the Breath of the Wild ‘Get Laid%’ speedrun, ‘Smash%’ has not received official recognition.

While you wait for the BOTW 2 release date, try out some of these weird and wild speedruns yourself!

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