The Brand New, Stylish FitBit Luxe Is $50 Off On Amazon For Black Friday

Now, it’s not just called the “Luxe” for no reason. The uber-slim design basically makes this look like jewelry. One option even comes with a gold chain band designed by jewelry brand Gorjana, making it the best gift for the person who’s more in to walking or slow-paced yoga rather than HIIT or marathon training. And beyond the standard step-tracking features, the FitBit Luxe allows you to set heart rate and sleep goals, too. It’ll even monitor your breathing patterns and lightly vibrate when you need a reminder to take slower breaths—who doesn’t need that this holiday season?

Plus, the tracker is totally water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the swimmer in your life destroying this on their next workout. But if they’re more of a land-dweller, this even features GPS tracking—perfect for everything from tracking distance runs to looking up directions without having to take out your phone.

Because this fitness tracker is so stylish, it’s basically a no-brainer for anyone in your life, whether they’re training for a triathlon, really in to meditation, or just competitive with you on their daily step count. The fact that it’s on sale for Black Friday today is just a super happy bonus, so it’s the perfect time to grab one for yourself and your gym buddy.

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