The 'Let it Ring' Singer Reiley KILLED Our Vocal Challenge

If you thought our TikTok dancing challenge was hard…just wait until you see what’s in store for our new series. It’s called the TikTok Voice Challenge, and allow me to explain. For this game, our guests have got to try out some of TikTok’s TOUGHEST vocal challenges. I’m talking intricate runs and loud-a** belting. I’d go so far as to say it’s less daunting to mess up a TikTok dance than to have your voice crack during this game.

Our brave inaugural guest on this series is the singer Reiley, and boy did he set the bar HIGH. I mean, if you’re familiar with his TikTok account, his vocals may not shock you, but he did reallyyy well.


Yeah, he’s a pro. I haven’t heard someone master an Ariana Grande cover the way Reiley did, like, ever. Check out the full video, and maybe join in on the challenge from home! Just try not to burst any neighbor’s eardrums.

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