The Three Siblings Facing Job Loss Due to Coronavirus’ Impact on the Hospitality Industry

My sister Cayla, she’s technically still kind of working, but I don’t know what will happen to her job if this keeps going. She runs a really cool beer store with some of my buddies, and they’re trying to do everything in their willpower to stay open and just support the community as much as possible. But it’s hard. Cayla compared it to hurricane season.

You go through hurricanes and evacuate and you’re closed sometimes for two weeks. But what’s different about this is people are actually getting laid off. There is no end date to this yet. And that’s what is spooky about it. No one’s spending money because no one has money to spend. A lot of the people that work in the industry are paycheck-to-paycheck people, who may not have a lot of savings. A lot of them are college students. It’s scary to think about for sure.

Now I’m trying to support local places — I buy take-out once a week to support some restaurants and do what I can.

This virus outbreak has affected so many of my friends in the business across the country. It’s really disheartening to see and hear what is actually happening, especially to some friends that own their own breweries and their livelihood is on the line. They’re taking zero salary just to pay their employees; that’s only going to happen for most of them until like April 6th, and then the money runs out.

I think I’m going to be okay. I made good financial decisions early on in my life, but it’s going to be really hard for the hospitality business. It’s super disheartening.

I think the biggest thing is, if people can support local businesses as much as possible just because that person’s hurting more than a big business. And I’m not saying that big businesses aren’t hurting, but [it’s good to] support your friends and family that want to have a living doing something they enjoy.

Some of these breweries and some of these restaurants are just never going to recover. It’s a big financial burden on them. They’re trying to stay afloat. So many of my friends are laid off now and it’s sad, but I’m trying to look at it the best way possible.

  • As told to Morgan Evans


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