The wildest places people have quarantined, from zoos to ghost towns

For many global citizens, the spread of the coronavirus pandemic was a simultaneous introduction to not only the meaning of the word quarantine — but also how it actually feels to experience one.

While many people followed their country’s COVID-19 lockdown orders in their residential homes, some had more unique circumstances — and a handful of individuals found themselves trapped in truly bizarre situations.

From contestants on the quarantine-like reality TV show “Big Brother,” who unintentionally quarantined by nature of the show — only to emerge in April to a world transformed — to the ill-fated cruise ship passengers whose pleasure trips turned into horror films when they became trapped aboard the ships, to those lucky enough to be assigned a luxury hotel in Singapore’s mandatory quarantine lottery, there are endless stories of eccentric isolation experiences. Here are 10 which are arguably the most wild.

A haunted German castle surrounded by wolves

bolivian-orchestra-2Schloss Rheinsberg palacebolivian-orchestra-1

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